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Whenever you go shopping, you can see a proposal of new means of payment, remotely without having to insert your card at checkout: the NFC (Near Field Communication), which is a technology using the RFID which Here's a definition: RFID – Radio Frequency IDentification: technology for automatic identification which uses […]

Test / reviews: portfolio S-special leather Samsonite real RFID

After years of use Samsung Galaxy notes (which were always protected by Otterbox Defender cases), I had a whim and decided to go back to the Apple (we're bored sometimes, what do you want xD). Brief, given that Otterbox cases have saved the life of my note 3 at least […]

Test / review: Otterbox Defender Series iPhone shell 7 more ...

Here is the test of a webcam in 1080 p, the PC – LM1 Aukey. Generally, provided and the most common webcam are in 720 p. That's not bad, but there is a way to do better as for example with 1080! It's better to make video calls or chat […]

Test / reviews: webcam 1080 p Aukey PC – LM1

After playing with a 3D printer, make way for the 3D scanner! And especially, the Ciclop DIY 3D scanner. Why the Ciclop? Well good for different reasons: It is among the cheapest of the 3D scanners It's DIY, Do It Yourself, i.e. self-Assembly It is open-source Things to know before […]

Test / review: scan 3D Ciclop DIY + discount code

With the democratization of virtual reality, number of helmets "VR" for smartphones bloom on the market ranging from 10 euros to hundreds… Today we will present one, Keplar-VR "Immersion" of the iCandy brand which is available for a small thirty euros.   Unboxing The packaging remains pretty sketchy: a small […]

Test / reviews: glasses Keplar-VR

The headphones, this is something that I never get tired of change, always looking for a better sound, more comfort, a different thing which I can always appreciate more my music (and so delicate that I am, I always end up by) breaking a pair or the other must be […]

Test / review: Zagg IFROGZ headphones Impulse

  There are very many sports cameras now on the market, we can find at any price. With a Go Pro and another camera low range sport, I wondered what that was worth a camera to about 50 euro at the time I write this test. So I decided to […]

Test / reviews: Kitvision Escape HD5 sport Camera

Everyone or nearly has already heard of 3D printers. But for those who still do not know what is a 3D printer, it's like a conventional printer that allows you to create your paper documents, except that here, it's in 3D! You can also choose the color, and even material! […]

Test / reviews: Geeetech Aluminium Prusa i3 3D printer

New keyboard test at aLLreLi, the K617 gaming.   Features Wired keyboard Membrane keyboard Backlit 3 colors, several levels of brightness Backlight mode breathing Multimedia keys In AZERTY layout The test aLLreLi characterizes this K617 keyboard as a gaming keyboard. Personally, I place more in the category of multi-functions. This […]

Test / review: keyboard gaming aLLreLi K617

With the advance of the miniaturization of technology, found everywhere, even the toilets like the famous Japanese toilet with sensors and cleaning options and massage! Unfortunately, this is quite expensive and are little accessible in our region. Here's a gadget that should help men to go to the bathroom at […]

Test / reviews: AGL lamp night

Here is the test of a CCTV camera, controllable via smartphone and wifi: the VT – CM1 Aukey. Features Image sensor: 1 CMOS image sensor / 2.7 "2 megapixels Night vision distance: up to 15 m Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps Angle of view: (H) 80 °, […]

Test / reviews: Aukey VT – CM1 IP security camera

When playing a game on pc, we usually use the keyboard and the mouse to move and perform actions IG (in game). The keyboard/mouse combo allows a lot of possibilities, but alas, a keyboard is great, and we have 10 fingers and different people, there are more than 5 available […]

Test / review: keyboard gaming one-handed, T9 more aLLreLi