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I'm a little conflicted when it comes to smartphones: iPhone at their very beginning here, then right out of the Samsung Galaxy Note series I jumped for their size, especially, and I made them 1 to 4, and recently ironed on iPhone 7 more… Yes but I look at more […]

Samsung Galaxy S9: A smartphone is almost perfect?

Whether you are young or older, it happens to us all to have the shaky at some point… Who has never had to cause blurred pictures precisely an involuntary movement? Although nowadays, it happens less often electronically compared to the time of the camera to film, but it can still […]

Test / reviews: stabilizer camera smartphone KSIX Steady Rec 2 ...

You know, the stressful moment where you feel your pocket and your keys aren't there? We all know it, and I've had enough of being paranoid all the time when I go abroad, in a park, or another, away from home and if I lose my keys, I'm good for […]

Test / review: Tracker Biisafe Buddy V3 Smart Button

Windows 10, there is a module named Security Center Windows Defender which has existed since Windows Vista if my memories are good and which evolved gradually. The purpose of this module is to check that your computer is well protected: presence of a virus, to a firewall, browser protection, etc… […]

Windows 10: How disable the Security Center Windows Defender

Have a smart TV is becoming increasingly unavoidable but unfortunately according to the desired size, or even the budget, this option may not be available. For this, different dongles exist. Including the Fire Stick Basic Edition at Amazon. Unboxing The Fire Stick tv dongle A remote control with batteries that […]

Test / reviews: Amazon Fire Stick Basic Edition