Samsung Galaxy S9: A smartphone is almost perfect?

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I'm a little conflicted when it comes to smartphones: iPhone at their very beginning here, then right out of the Samsung Galaxy Note series I jumped for their size, especially, and I made them 1 to 4, and recently ironed on iPhone 7 more… Yes but I look at more and more the Samsung Galaxy S9 since its release, it's all beautiful, super fluid for the little that I have managed put hands on in-store Samsung (beh Yes quibble in the shop is good but it will never replace having and instal) LER all his stuff to see how it goes… use), and the different characteristics seem very tempting to get back to Android after a small infidelity (I quote the points that interest me, it's a high-end smartphone we know what) expect for common ^^):

  • First, it must be confessed, I drool on the camera 12MP technology with dual aperture, which is supposed to respond to light like the human eye, and give pictures with a great brightness in all circumstances. I could not test it myself but different online comparisons show results that is envy.
  • augmented reality: you can even take selfie and create an Emoji or GIF version directly, which represent faces or emotions and who like us so
  • the "live translation" function, which allows you to see directly on-screen translation of something, which is still not bad when you spend a lot of time abroad or there are just too lazy to look for. Or even more convenient to store abroad when you try to know what you want to eat lost in rays :-D
  • an edge aboard super AMOLED screen, a resolution 2960 x 1440 px and 5.8 "; the screen edge on board is what scared me with the S8, note 8, etc, because I'm not very delicate and I had already imagined in thousand pieces after two days, however it seems that the S9 is stronger according to the different tests of strength directed by with you steurs; the back easily as expected but not crack the front… A point which will motivate me maybe if he is stronger, with a good shell of this style as I always use it is doable…
  • IP68 (important for me, see previous point where I'm not delicate? xD)
  • 64 GB built-in memory, enough to store lots of pictures never forget its memory card, so speaking of memory, 4 GB RAM, what makes this phone is very, very fluid, even turning full of applications, I have trouble imagining how it pourrait Marin… especially with CPU Samsung Exynos 9810 octacore 2.7 ghz :-)
  • small negative on the other hand, the autonomy that is mentioned in the tests, for this 3000 mah battery, is not terrible, and is surpassed by the S8, or even iPhones that are not known for it's…

Finally, it was just my personal list of points for and against (well ok there are more for than against), in order to decide, I have not yet cracked but I feel that I will investigate the thing more deeply, and I'm already looking full accessories on

For this phone, which makes me want to crack even more by seeing them so good …. :-D

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