Test / review: Tracker Biisafe Buddy V3 Smart Button


You know, the stressful time when you're groping your pocket and your keys aren't there? We've all known him, and I've had enough of being paranoid all the time when I go abroad, to a park, or whatever, away from home and if I lose my keys, I'm good at hitchhiking with a trucker potentially serial killer all the way to Belgium? (yes yes I make it dramatic kind I have no family, no friends, no money for taxi :-D)

So like I said, I'm tired of cold sweats for nothing, so I wanted to try a tracker for my bag/my keys/ my dog (choice), so i don't waste any more time and precious energy looking for stuff that a little gadget would help me find much more efficiently.

The tracker Biisafe Buddy V3 is the latest version of this product, which is in fact like a big Keychain we hold on to what you want to keep an eye, after the pair Bluetooth with our smartphone.

What you get in the pack is the strict minimum and yet more than enough: the tracker (about 4cm in diameter to 1 cm thickness), a ring to hang it, and a mini-map of instructions / installation.

The manual is downloadable but not necessary, it takes two seconds to install the application, and then to pair the tracker just now its button in the vicinity of the smartphone to pair.

Once this is done, you create an account on the app linked to our mail, and access to the customization options, as well as to different alerts you wish to obtain, and the different options, such as choose the action of the button when pressed twice (share their location or find the smartphone, which emits sounds in this case even in silent), connect/disconnect sounds,…

You can also connect several Buddy to the application if you have more than one (attention only for iOS), and name them to see which object they match each.

You can also look on the map where the buddy in question, and I must admit that the precision was bluffing! Position could be shared with friends/groups of friends to create if desired.

It can also be used as a pedometer because the application integrates counting steps, it however should be noted if it carries "necklace" or in the Pocket, as well as his personal data such as age, size,…

With all this, this tracker has an estimated automony of about 2 years, and after that it will have to replace it with another battery CR2450, nothing very restrictive I was already afraid to think about recharging but not :-D

The range is estimated at about 100 meters, and if the object is out of range during the search, an alert is received as soon as it is back in the area.

In short, good autonomy announced, not the constraint to think about recharging, and pairing hyper easy, and a very precise location so far, I think I will need for other things than my keys!


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