Test / reviews: stabilizer camera smartphone KSIX Steady Rec 2 axes


Whether you are young or older, it happens to us all to have the shaky at some point… Who has never had photos blurred because of an involuntary movement?

Although nowadays, this happens less often thanks to electronics compared to the time of film cameras, but it can still happen.

To avoid this, there are aid as the stabilizer for smartphone KSIX Steady Rec 2 axes.



  • Take pictures and videos well framed and crisp every time
  • Stabilizer 2-axes for optimal use
  • Many possible angles
  • With camera control bluetooth connection
  • Rechargeable battery 1000mAh
  • Lightweight and portable

The test

The first thing to know, is this stabilizer Ksix Steady Rec 2 axes, as its name suggests, a 2-axis stabilization, and this is what makes her more acceptable price, less than 100 euros. As for this kind of product, we averaged in the surrounding of 150 euros or more than 300 euros! But in this case, 3 axis stabilizers. It is of course easier to stabilize 2 axis 3.


Because it is a stabilizer 2-axes, quickly found the limitations, but less than filming an action scene and move in all directions, this stabilizer should be more than enough for you stabilize you movements / vibrations that could be present when filming “normally”.

This stabilizer is made up of a part of a clamp that can maintain a smartphone with a screen of 5.5 inches and a maximum weight of 200 g size. Note that my note 4 samsung which has a size of 5.7-inch display can be maintained by the clamp without worries. In reality, rather than screen size, it would be rather better to talk about opening of the clamp, which allows to have a better idea of what it can bear, because usually our smartphones have a shell, and in addition, it allows to see if It can also be used for other devices like the cam action: minimum opening of the clamp is 6.5 cm and the maximum aperture is 8.5 cm. Stock cam having a length of maximum 6 cm (in General), that out, unless the protection can compensate for the cm missing. But hey, basically, this stabilizer is not intended for them, but it is always interesting to know that under certain conditions, this would possibly be possible!

On the other hand, do not forget the weight of 200gr maximum, it is an important criterion for a stabilizer, for the simple reason that if the weight exceeds what it can bear, well the stabilizer will not be able to stabilize anything at all, not having enough “strength”!


In addition to the clamp, you have of course a handle to maintain the stabilizer. This channel contains a power button, a roulette wheel to set the tilt if necessary and which is also used to take photos or videos when it is pressed (it uses the bluetooth) and a micro-usb port to recharge.

In short, the Ksix Steady Rec 2 axes does its job perfectly as long as your smartphone weighs no more than 200 grams and you shoot or take pictures in a calm way and not in action mode ^^ For more stabilization, it’s best to take a stabilizer 3-axis, but it will cost you much more!


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