How to access sites/forums that require registration without registering

This has happened to all of us at least once: We search for something or we sail randomly and paf! where it became interesting, the site or forum only gives the information to their members! Registering on a site or forum, just to visit it once, it’s boring (pseudo, password x2, email, captcha code, confirmation email that does not arrive, etc…), even more so when the information may not be as crisp as it is to the air! And not to mention the risk that the site or forum will invade your spam box! So what to do?  

3 solutions to access sites without registering


Solution 1: The Addon Resurrect Pages on Firefox

The Resurrect Pages addon on Firefox allows you to resurrect a page that would be unavailable. In our case, we will use it to resurrect pages that need to be a member of the site or forum…

How does it work?

You should know that the net is browsed among other things by bots (robots) in search of new things … One of them is of particular interest to us: that of Google! Google’s bots browse the net and record all the data it collects… This data is temporarily available via Google’s cache. If the administrator of the site or forum has not blocked certain parts of the bot (via a particular file called robots.txt) the bot will go through all the pages and links of the site … This means that if the administrator hasn’t blocked the bot where the information you were looking for and that needs to be a member, then that can be revealed by visiting the site’s Google cache! Let’s move on to practice You Need On Firefox, and the Resurrect Pages plugin, available here. After installing and restarting Firefox, it’s easy to use! When you arrive in a member area, just click right and click “Resuscitate this page”… There you have several solutions, click Google Cache.

right click ressurect pageschoice ressurect pages

What you need to know: Google’s cache gives you an image, a snapshot of the site it saw at one point, so the image may be several days old. To access the info, you need the link of the info, I specify because sometimes you are redirected to their login page. In addition, the webmaster must not have blocked The Google bot. If you click on a link in the snapshot, you go back to the original site! N.B.: This solution is especially useful when you arrive at the site after searching Google.  

Solution 2: The site

The site is a site, in English, of sharing login and password. The use is simple: you type the address of the site, and you see if there is an identifier present and if it is still valid!


The identifiers come from people like you and me who have decided to share their logins, just to avoid you signing up unnecessarily! In addition, a voting system is available to tell other login seekers whether this or that login is still valid or not! However, don’t try to find user iDs of paid sites, for the good reason is simple, that people who put their IDs know what they are doing! :-D For example, all the logins available for MegaUpload were all fake (if the word green or Yes or “Yes” is present, they only invented the identifiers and passwords to get a maximum of votes… kid’s attitude…). The few identifiers of paid sites that would be true and still active will just be credit blank! ;-) Edit of 10/06/2012: A Firefox plugin for Bugmenot exists!  

Solution 3: Yopmail

With this solution, you still sign up, but at least you’re risking spam! I’ve already talked about how to avoid spam on this article.   Any other solutions? Share them in the comments!

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