2 sites to test its web site in multiple browsers

The webmasteurs all know, they have to test its web site with a maximum of web browsers so that it is visible by a maximum of people and that all Mariners gives the same display of the site!

Here are therefore 2 sites that will allow you to test your site in multiple browsers:

  • Browsershots
  • Adobe Browserlabs

Browsershots allows you to test your web site with 92 browsers! (There are multiple versions of multiple browsers)
You just enter the address of the site, select browsers and wait the screenshots appear! Easy as pie!


Access the site: Browsershots


Adobe Browserlabs allows you to test your site in Firefox 2.5 – 3-3.5, Internet Explorer 6-7-8, Chrome 3 and Safari 3-4.
In my test, it did not work on my Firefox 3.5 (stuck on loading of the lab), but worked on my Opera.
Requires registration, but it is free.
Simple to use, and to the boundary, it is more effective than Browserlabs, because it allows to scroller (down) down the page, which does not allow Browsershots!

Adobe browsershot

Access the site: Adobe Browserlab

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