Block automatic Windows 10 updates


Microsoft Windows 10 is not out yet at the time I write these lines, but although many have a lot of hope for this operating system, one of the controversial elements is the Windows updates.

In all the older versions of Windows, you could choose:

  • Search and automatically install updates
  • Search and download updates, but leave the choice of when to install
  • Search, but don't automatically install updates
  • Don't search for updates

In Windows 10, you simply don't have a choice, Windows 10 automatically installs your updates!

So in some cases, it's excellent, in others it's less so…

– In the case of Mr and Mrs everyone, it's fine, nothing to do, the updates are directly installed, nothing to do special, and of course the correction of bugs and exploit faults are done automatically.

– But it is enough that we want to take a little control so that it hinders: if we are in the game, we do not especially want to have a Windows return in the middle of a fight or other! But there is also the case of updates simply screwed up and that crash your pc! And this, mine of nothing, is still already happen several times! This doesn't happen often, of course (although it just happened 2 days before the release of Windows 10 …) , but when it happens, it is your pc that is perhaps inaccessible for x days and you are well in the mold to rectify the shot, especially when you did rain s access to your operating system to install the update duptoby!

So Microsoft decided to force updates for Windows 10, which is quite understandable, especially when you consider that at one point, virtually everyone was saying that Windows is not secure enough and hence the fact that there are so many malware, etc.

Normally, in Windows 10, for updates, there should be 2 channels for Windows Update: a so-called "quick" and a so-called "slow", but I haven't seen them yet. The Slow channel allows precisely that the history of the dirty updates will not happen again for those who have chosen this channel. Alas, the problem of when the update is installed is still problematic!

How do I block automatic Windows Update updates on Windows 10?

Microsoft has somehow taken a small step back, they have released a utility to block updates:

Simple and in French, you just need to install the following program and it will allow you to block the updates you want. And of course, install them whenever you want by unchecking them.

Link: How to hide or block Windows updates or driver updates in Windows 10 Insider Preview

N.B: At the time these lines are written, the software is compatible with the test versions of Windows 10, but no official information of effectiveness on the commercial version has been given by Microsoft although at present it works.

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