Adblock Plus pop-up Blocker pubs but also malware!


If you're using Firefox, and if there was a plugin that is known, is Adblock Plus: ad blocker!

Well, be aware that ads Blocker can also turn into malware Blocker! (Malware malicious software = of the virus genus, etc…)


Here's how to proceed: (it goes without saying that it requires that you have Firefox!)

  • Download and install Adblock Plus
  • Restart Firefox to complete the installation
  • Go to the Adblock Plus subscriptions page, scroll down to the end of the page, and click on Subscribe: Malware Domains.
  • At the confirmation message, click on add subscription and it is finished!


Note: This tip doesn't protect you partially, it is complementary to a good antivirus and a good firewall, these two – there being indispensable for a safe internet browsing!

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