How to export all of its Firefox and Thunderbird data without plugin


This trick will allow you to export from a Firefox installed on one computer to another: your Firefox profile, all your bookmarks (Favorites) Firefox in order, all your saved passwords and cookies Firefox, all Firefox plugins that are installed and their respective configurations!

And this without download or install new software or plugin!


Here is how to transfer all your Firefox data:

  • In the Firefox address bar, type: about: support


  • On the page which opens, click on: open the folder


  • The Explorer then opens on files that are all your Firefox data.


Copy all and paste them all at a location of your choice, for example on a USB key and save them.

To be transferred to another installation of firefox on an another computer for example, simply copy the backup data and paste them into the folder (following the same method) of number 2 Firefox.

This tip to the advantage to transfer all of its data without exception and without the use of software or plugins that have the tendency to forget some data! Same Firefox Sync which is integrated with Firefox is unable to correctly export data: bookmarks in disarray, no passwords despite synchronization, no options for plugins, etc…

Note: This trick will normally work with all versions of Firefox more than the 6.

N.B. 2: This trick also works on Thunderbird, with just a slight modification to the 1st stage. For more information, see in the comments.

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