Plugins Firefox to pause Youtube

YouTube-pause No need to describe Youtube, everyone knows! Personally, there are 2 things that annoy me on youtube:

  • AutoPlay videos directly when you click on the link of a video

and in some cases,

  • automatic playback of the other videos on the same topic / subject (or not, eh…) (Succession of the playlist at the level of the right column)

This, so, of course, to increase the number of views and increase their income. There are also pubs, but with my anti-publicites solutions, it's been long that I saw more, and fortunately, I don't wearing me no more evil, quite the opposite!  

Pausing another tab in Firefox Youtube videos

  The automatic playback of videos is questionable, in a sense, it's normal: If you clicked on the link to the video, it is that we want to see! Except that for some people, including me, often navigate between multiple tabs and read what is most interesting about the time before moving on to the next, etc… And in this case, it did not particularly want to be distracted not the sound of a video that runs in the background in another tab! Especially that it is not the video… Anyway, in this case, I have a plugin in Firefox that allows to pause Youtube videos that are not in the active tab! -Online Smart break firefox plugin for Youtube N.B.: the plugin also puts the streaming pause loading. On the other hand, the youtube video in embeded, i.e. visisble on another site that Youtube itself are not taken in charge. Bonus: does not restart Firefox after installing the plugin.  

Permanently disable the automatic succession of a playlist Youtube videos

  For the automatic reading of the other videos, you have a mini button that disable you this function… except that it is valid only for a short time, after awhile, it reactivates and hop, go, all the videos are linked! To avoid this, I also found a plugin that you disable ad vitam eternam the sequence of videos in the playlist! -Online NextVid Firefox plugin stop for Youtube it either does not require restarting Firefox.

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