How to resume a download interrupted by pause or break in Firefox

You're on Firefox and you download. In the download window, you click Pause then your connection is cut for X reasons, or when you want to resume the download, you have a nice error message as follows:



Nothing more annoying than to have download a file at 90% and all start from scratch! Especially if the download took hours! And alas, all servers do not take into account the resumption of download, like for example Megaupload in free mode!

In short, take the trick!

  • When you have the error message that I showed you above, click Ok,
  • at the place or you have started to download, you must have a file of the type nomfichier.part.


  • send this file to the Recycle Bin (but above all, do not empty the trash!)
  • Return to the Web site or you download and restart the download (the new download should be at the same place as one that was interrupted),
  • After downloading a few seconds in your firefox download window, click Pause.
  • Open your Recycle Bin, right click on nomdufichier.part and click on restore,


  • the replacement message, click move and replace.

move and replace

  • Return to the Firefox download window and click resume.

And voila, the file will restart at the place or he was arrested when he was cut!


Note: This trick works very well with Megaupload premium link generators! You may have started a download with Megaupload, interruption, and resume with an unrestrained!


Edit 2012: MegaUpload and many other servers downloads are dead, but it is not as long as this trick no longer works! This trick depends on the servers, what makes that this trick can work even if you download a file on a small site any or a large server famous!

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