How to change an image directly in your browser


This trick will allow you to retouch an image found on the internet directly in your internet browser Firefox, without downloading the image to your computer! And therefore without opening another program to edit the picture!

What need you:

  • Firefox (logic!)
  • The Firefox Pixlr Grabber extension

Procedure to follow:

  1. Install the extension if it is not already done
  2. Restart Firefox to apply the new facility. After that, it is super simple! (Incidentally, before, it was also!:-D))
  3. When you find a photo, right click on it and click on Edit image

The image will open in a new tab, where you can make all your changes!

Although this is a plugin (so strictly speaking, not a software) it contains still a lot of options for editing and customization of photos and images!

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