How to solve the problem of the single mouse click which converts to double click

mouse Personally I do not like to use the touchpad, I stayed on the good old mouse (but wireless, wireless). Despite the number of years that I use a mouse, I have never had this kind of problem so far: a simple mouse click that the computer is considered a double click. (randomly) Example: I open Firefox, and above, Thunderbird, 2 windows of same size and expanded to the maximum. I (once) click on the cross to close Thunderbird, and presto, Firefox closes at the same time! The mouse did a double-click instead of a simple click!   Once, OK, maybe I clicked too quickly… 2nd time, maiiis euuuuh! Once again?! … 3rd time, there, there really is a problem and is to monitor! Of course, over time, we quickly notice that there is a problem somewhere with the click of the mouse and double-clicks!  

So, how to solve this problem of click – double-click?

  First need to know that there are several sources of possible problems:

  1. Mouse driver problem
  2. Problem with the setting of Windows
  3. Problem at the physical level of the mouse (wear, dirt, oxidation,…)


1. Mouse driver problem

  Point 1 is very easy to remark: If you have a new mouse and after its installation, the single click makes the double click, it is that there was a problem with the installation.  (I still think that it is rare but not impossible) In this case, simply you just uninstall the driver and then reinstall it. If ever this continues, it's either a problem with the short driver and constructor/developer of the mouse has badly done his job, or an incorrect setting of the mouse under Windows (item 2), or a physical problem of the mouse (item 3) (but it has gives a damn bad when even if it is a new mouse!)  

2. Problem with the setting under Windows

  On Windows, it is possible to say more or less what speed between 2 clicks means a 'real' double click or 2 successive clicks. The difference? 1 allows to open a file for example, and the second does not. To make this adjustment, it is necessary to go into the Control Panel, hardware and audio, mouse. On the button tab, you'll have a framed "double click speed". You set the best speed. (Personally, regardless of whether the speed is slow or fast, and without changing my way of double clicking, I still can open the folder… Click-double-click-windows If ever it does not change anything for you and your clicks are always considered with 2 ultra rapid clicks, unfortunately, there are chances that this is a physical problem (see following).  

3. Problem at the physical level of the mouse

  Unfortunately, this is apparently a problem affecting a lot of mice, any brand. I had the luck to this day with many mouse, but he had the chance to let me down one day! ^^ The problem of the double click click, it's a contact problem which may be due to wear, dirt or oxidation. If this is the case, you have several options:

  • Your mouse is still under warranty: so, you can ask them to repair.


  • Your mouse is no longer under warranty (or it is yet but as you bought on the internet, postage cost you too much): you can disassemble (note that if you are still under warranty, you will lose the) and change the piece which is found in virtually all mouse: it is the switch OMRON D2FC-F-7N (there are several model (, but if I do not talk nonsense, that's the one that is most employee, be it the mouse wired or not, large or small unknown brand).

Unfortunately, this method has several disadvantages: loss of security (if it was still valid), removal pads, disassembly, purchase the piece and probably pads replacement, removing the top of the cover without everything ruined, withdrawal of the switch without any deglinger, etc…  

  • Your mouse is (more) under warranty, but you do not have envy of break you the head to return the mouse/disassemble or you dont want to buy a new: there is a trick: the software solution! It's as simple as that!

How it works? It is relatively simple, it happens to detect and differentiate between a wrong double click click and a true double click! I do not have much info, but it must look at the time level, we, humans without super power, cannot click 2 times in milliseconds. According my a few tests, personally, I can't get below 56 milliseconds, so I think that the software must have put a limit in these waters there. Below, these are just simple clicks; in the past, it only cares not. And because of this, all the false double click are taken as simple clicks! And it works!   The link of the software allowing to solve the problem of the mouse that double click instead of a simple click: download. In addition, this software is extremely simple (a little too even): you download, and you run, point! And it will be alrefix mouse double clickady active! As you can see, you have just a Start button (when you start it, no need to press Start, it is already running) and a Stop button. With a meter to see that it works properly. On the other hand, I believe that the double click fixed rate is a little too big compared to the reality, but well, who cares a little, the main one being that it works and I have to say that it does perfectly at home! Negative point is that it does not function to launch at startup… (by the way, I forgot to specify that it requires no installation and it is free!) Fortunately, it is possible to do it yourself. It is not very complicated, but it requires several manipulations (for versions prior to Windows 10):

  1. After you have downloaded the file, place it somewhere or siéra you.
  2. Make a right click on the file to click on "send to => the desktop (create shortcut)"
  3. Return to the Windows desktop
  4. Right-click on the icon located on the desktop and select "Copy"
  5. Open your Start Menu and look for after the startup folder and right click and click Open
  6. At the window that opens (Windows Explorer), in the area of right, in an empty area, right click and click "Paste"
  7. If you have succeeded, you will see the icon of the program with its name appear in the startup folder.

  Note that:

  • steps 5 through 6 can be done with a drag-and – drop of offices to the menu Startup folder start.
  • It would seem that it is not possible to start with the computer in minimized mode (the option run in minimized window mode) does not have the air to operate.
  • by clicking on the small bar to reduce the application, for 1-2 seconds, your computer freeze. This is a known bug.

  There you go!   If you ever have a similar program but who does not have the disadvantages cited, I'm interested!

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