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The evolution did that paper books have become e-books thanks to the explosion of digital, computers, the internet, smartphones and tablets!

Electronic books, also known as e-books or ebooks, are in 90% sold cases coupled with a protection called DRM or Adobe DRM. DRM ("Digital Right Management," or in french "Digital rights management") are devices that can be applied to all digital files (DVD, ebooks, software, etc.) and that limit you their use… For example, if you are still buying DVDs, noted area in which it can be read, in Europe it is zone 2, well this limitation might believe that this is a limitation for DVD, languages or other standards is actually a trade protection! This trade protection allows them to maintain control over the prices and the release of the DVDs.

Not only to keep control on prices, they add you yet impossible to pass advertising and that therefore you are forced to type you! And after they are surprised that there are many hacking, that many people download films illegally… I invite you to watch this infographic that explains very well the system:

Regarding the novels or ebooks, fortunately there is no pubs, max was a page at the end with the books of the same author and the same kind! And I hope that this will remain so long! On the other hand, regarding the price… It is virtually identical to a paper book! And that, it's mind-blowing! Publishers would have us believe that a novel written on a computer and distributed to infinity (reminder, when you download a file, it is just a copy, so the original remains on the server!) is worth than a printed novel on paper with beautiful 1st and 4th of cardboard and color covers, and all this with the same file!

So, on the one hand you have

  • an X file released to infinity in the world via a website and limited to use on 1 device (pdf or epub DRM)

and on the other:

  • the same file X printed in color on blankets in cardboard, black and white for the text on paper, all connected well and transported to various stores…

And 2 are worth the same price? I have only a single expression to describe it: What's the fuck?

To return to the ebooks DRM, rather than limited to a geographical area, not them limit reading the epub file to… 1 device or 1 software!

Here is how this actually happens: you buy a novel in epub format. Result: rather than provide an epub file as you commanded, not, they provide a DRM file…! And so to be able to read your file, you must: download and install the Adobe Digital Editions software, create an Adobe, place your file in the software and there account only, you will finally see the text! But then, you are still on your computer! You who want to have an epub file in your smartphone or tablet, you are have not yet! To do this, need you to connect your smartphone to your pc, synchronize your smartphone with Adobe Digital Editions, and then only transfer (limited transfer) your file on your smartphone!

You know what? I have never come up here! The mere fact of the presence of a TIA that I more need to download other software and the fact that I am limited in the use of a book that I buy, got directly soule during my 1st purchase! And if I am not mistaken, subsequently to be able to read your novel on your smartphone, not only you are limited in the number of potential readers, but in addition you need to be connected to the internet…

And in addition to DRM, they block the dissemination of ebooks! We want to buy ebooks that they even not allow us! A few months ago yet, some known as the Percy Jackson or number four ebooks were available on various sites for the sale of ebooks. At the time, or I write? They are no longer available! "Sorry, it is not available to the international" that is the message I get! Already in as normal, there's not a lot of ebooks in french because it requires a translation, but if more limited its diffusion, and to finish, blocked you his access with DRM! No wonder that more and more ebooks found in the underground environment (warez)!

In short, once one has understood how the system worked, it is easy to understand why the de-drm-ization (the fact of removing DRM) ebooks has appeared and why she is markedly! And it will not disappear as long as the system will not change, as with movies!


Ebooks in the epub format


For ebooks, you have 3 options:

  1. either you buy ebooks without DRM (very little in the market),
  2. either you buy ebooks with DRM and you remove the DRM (which I will explain the method),
  3. either you directly download ebooks without DRM and without pay:

For 1 and 3 rd method, you need not me.

For the 2nd, the suite will tell you how.


How to remove DRM from the ePUB


To remove the DRM, need you, unfortunately, still the Adobe Digital Edition software.

It is downloaded via the official Adobe website: Adobe digital editions. Install it.

When prompted, select "Allow this computer."

1. If you don't have an Adobe ID

The Adobe ID allows you to transfer and read your e-books on media other than the computer where you purchased it.

a. Click on the link to obtain an Adobe ID for free and easy online.

(b). Click on the button "Create an Adobe account".

(c). Enter the requested information.

Your ID is now created. You can return to the screen of installation of Adobe Digital Editions.

2. If you have an Adobe ID

a. Enter your address and your password and click 'Enable'

(b). Click "Done".


Files containing drm have the .acsm extension. Drag and drop these files in the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software. Then you finally see your ebook! You can delete the acsm file, they you will do more nothing.

You can now exit the software. To de-drm-ise ebooks, need you to always that your acsm file has been placed in ADE previously.

Thereafter, download and install the ePUBee DRM Removal software. (Alternative link because at the time I write, it is more possible to download epubee drm removal without making a donation, for the moment.)

Launch it and check that it detects well your folder ADE: line Input Path must contain 'My Digital Editions'.

Choose a folder or you wish to have your epub DRM-free by clicking on the line Output Path Browse.

EPUB without drm

Click unDRM directory, and you will find the folder that you specified your epub removed the DRM!

And voila, your ePUB have no limitation, no loss of quality and shareable without worry! Enjoy!

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