How to play Angry Birds on all sites

angry birds


Everyone knows Angry Birds, but for those who don’t know, Angry Birds is a game which consists of throwing different birds through a lance stone on buildings where hide green pigs that must be destroyed.


This is a game any con when you talk, but once that on the tested, you become quickly addicted so it is well done, simple, and has nice graphics!

In addition, it is available on many platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, Bada, webOS, Symbian, Playstation 3, Playstation portable, etc…


In short, today I present you Angry Birds playable for free in any web browser, using a bookmarklet, allowing you to simultaneously destroy the web site in a fun way:

(N.B.: bookmarklets are JavaScript links that must be dragged / moved into your bar Favorites or copied and pasted into your browser’s address bar.)


  1. Go to the website of Nokia Argentina
  2. Move the image representing a red birds emerging from an egg to your bookmarks bar (see my article on Google translation for good understanding how to do this in Firefox)
  3. And as soon as you are on a site, click on the bookmarklet that was created to play Angry Birds!


Bonus: The site also offers Fruit Ninja (watermelon cut into 2 icon), same principle to play, but the goal is to cut a max of fruit without cutting the bombs! xD


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