7 sites to measure the performance of its site

Recently, Google involves the speed of sites from searches of its search engine position. more your site is fast, better it is positioned in searches!

Here are 7 sites allowing you to scan your site in order to measure its performance and so that you can speed it up:

  • GTmetrix
  • WooRank
  • Pingdom Tools
  • Websiteoptimization
  • Zoompf
  • Webpagetest
  • Site-perf


x allows you to have a look the results of Yslow and Google page Speed and compare them between them. In addition, if you register (free registration), you can also ask that your site is scanned daily to see results over a long period! And compare your results with others!

YSlow and Google Page Speed, belonging respectively to Yahoo and Google, allow you to analyze your website to suggest optimizations to speed up your web site.


Access the site: GTmetrix



nk is not strictly speaking a site that scans your site’s performance, but it allows to obtain a score, score WooRank, allowing you to see what your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, so optimization for search engines). More your SEO is well done, more your position in research is high! Suggestions are issued for each analysis. In addition, a classification system is available, you can compare with the sites being ranked you!


Access the site: WooRank


Pingdom Tool

s makes it possible to measure the number of seconds needed so that your site is fully issued.


Access the site: Pingdom Tools



ion, nothing to say special, apart that does well the work asked!


Access the site: Websiteoptimization



f allows you to analyze your site, and you give a percentage score and also shows you an estimate of the resources that your site could win if he were better optimised.


Access the site: Zoompf



t, like other sites, scans your site, but has the advantage of the scanner 2 times and give you results for the 2 times. Why 2 times? Because every good site has a caching system, which makes that when next the site loads, it requires less resources. Webpagetest shows you the difference between 1 loading and 2nd loading of your site!


Access the site: Webpagetest



f looks strong enough to Pingdom Tools, but it is slightly larger.


Access the site: Site-Perf

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