Back to the past

AAH the years 1980-1990… the good old days… ^ ^

If like me, you happen to be nostalgic for the years 80-90 and you have want to revive memories of the good old days as for example to review toys which existed at the time, series and pubs all rotten who switched to television, old phone, or even candy as "mammoth testicle" cards (which was inedible! :-D) then the following site is for you!

Access the site: Coup de vieux

old shot

Old is a site that lists everything that existed from the years 1980 to 1990: toys, music, pubs, series, movies, clothing, food, sports, stars, technology, ect…

And here is another site which he allows you to play online at the former 1980s arcade games!

Games 1980

Access the site: 1980 games

In short, this is what will give a good old, and rekindle old memories!

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