Contest #6: A 3D converter to win!


Electronic Star, especially Sehvan thank incidentally, has decided a contest with our collaboration, which of course, we accept with joy!

I presented you Electronic Star competitions of 3rd anniversary which had offered as lot one of their dj headphones, but I'll redo one here for those who would not yet know this online shop.


Electronic Star is an online electronics store: this is especially a specialist for audiophiles as dj headphones, turntables, speakers, but any object containing the electronics or useful for them (as for example brackets), you'll have chances to find home, and this low-priced! So, you can choose cheap dj headphones or microphones, guitars, speakers, turntables, cameras, shelves, games of lights, mp3 players, radios, televisions, dvd players, robots, and full of other products! Whether for professional or individual equipment! Guarantee of quality? 99.6% positive feedback on Ebay and they are ranked in the top reliability of Ebay sellers!

In addition, if you subscribe to their newsletters, you a voucher of 5 euros. And 5 euros also if you put your assessment on an object that you have purchased!

To return to the contest, here's what one of you will have the chance to win: a 2D-3DHD 1080 p HDMI universal converter oneConcept


The 2D – 3D converter

Yes, I know, for a product name, it's pretty darn long! But at least, it at least has the merit of being clear! :-D

Then, concretely, what is this device? It is a simple 10 cm long mini-box that converts everything video 2D to 3D!

Imagine a little

  • a film passes to the television, and you want to watch the film in 3D? Nothing simpler! You install the housing, installation is done very quickly in just a few minutes, you take of popcorn, you you settle comfortably in your Chair, and with the remote control that came with your 3D converter, you snap it and you enjoy a good movie in 3D on your TV! Not even need to buy a 3D TV!
  • Want to play a PS3 game in 3D? Do the same thing, except that instead of the popcorn, take your controller! And you play a 3D game!
  • A concert in 3D with good speaker and quietly in your living room!


That it either with DVD player, Bluray player, a game console, a computer or even a projector, the converter will handle all convert to 3D!

And this is not the simple 3D! It is capable of converting all video streams and any 3D images!

Well Yes, because there are several types of 3D: you have Anaglyph 3D which is done with the colours yellow and blue (the 1st 3D that everybody knows with the glasses), you have the 3D side-by-side (2 images pasted and broadcast at the same time), the line-by-line (use of polarized glasses) 3D, and others that are less known as sequential frames (used by 3D TVs).

Moreover, it is even capable of converting 2D to 3D Anaglyph images and side-by-side! The 2 at the same time!

Bonus? You can adjust the depth of the 3D to 3 levels, it supports high definition up to 1080 p and the converter comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses! What more?



Then how to participate in this contest and try to win this little technological marvel? It's simple:

  1. Leave a comment to at least 3 words to be able to participate in the draw
  2. Follow Electronic Star on Twitter @E_Star_Fr for a 2nd chance to be randomly drawn and put your Twitter ID in the comment so that I can take it into account.


Contest open to residents of metropolitan France and Belgium, from 6 May until 20 May 11:59 and 59 s.