Test/review: Myjack 2, aux-in Bluetooth converter

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 That he who is fed up with cables all over his car raises his hand! * raises your hand * good OK, maybe not everyone has as many cables as me in his car, but between the iPhone charger, the cable for the Dashcam, the cable for my seat heating, the AUX cable for music,… I was starting to get tired of tangling (literally) the brushes and especially the cables, so I jumped on the opportunity to be able to remove one! The MyJack 2 allows you to connect, at the same time, up to two Bluetooth devices to the car's audio system, as well as to respond to incoming calls. In a charge of 2H-2h30, it allows in theory up to 10h of autonomy, which seems quite nice even for long journeys or to hold a whole week without charging for the smallest. The package contains:

  • the MyJack Bluetooth converter
  • a micro-USB charging cable for this one
  • a small adapter/extension cable of about 10cm in case the location to which you need to plug it would be badly ruined.
  • a mini manual in English

During charging, the unit has an LED that flashes blue, and this stops after charging is complete. As soon as it turns on, it goes into pairing mode, just pick it up by means of the phone or other to connect and Zou is done. In practice:

  • the correct air autonomy so far, I use it for 5 days connected to my phone as soon as I am in the car and not yet needed to load it!
  • I had the opportunity to pick up a call on it, simply by pressing the button, the person on the other side heard me apparently well and inversely
  • No worries to pair our two iPhones at the same time (damage, it means that the war to who uses his Spotify will start xD)

  In short… a small simple device but I am conquered and delighted to have been able to release the naughty AUX cable which anyway is to change regularly because it always ends crunched! Link: https://www.mobilefun.fr/adaptateur-aux-bluetooth-kitsound-myjack-2-3-5mm-65247 test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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