How to close your Facebook session remotely

facebook session Generally, you use Facebook on your smartphone and leave your Facebook session open, but different situations can happen:

  • Smartphone theft
  • Using Facebook on another Smartphone
  • Using Facebook on a computer
  • etc…

In short, for one reason or another, you may be getting one day to open a 2nd Facebook session on another device temporarily, but there, disaster, you forgot to log off! Don't panic! You can close your Facebook sessions remotely, so even if you no longer have access to the device on which you are using Facebook!  

How do I close your Facebook session remotely?

  • Connect to your Facebook profile from another device
  • At the top right, click the small down arrow
  • Click Settings

facebook settings

  • Click Security and connection

facebook security

  • In the Your Connections section, you'll see the latest connections made on your Facebook account, with the type of devices, the operating system, the location (to be taken subject) and when.
  • Scroll down to the end of your connections
  • Click sign out of all sessions

disconnect facebook And hop, now you're quiet! No one else will have access to your Facebook profile and no one will be able to make a joke by passing through you on your facebook wall, or better yet, no one will be able to see your private data. Note that this trick will also allow you to detect if your facebook has been hacked or not! ( Provided you still have access to it and it should be noted that the locations are not always relevant, so take it subject!)

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