Windows 10: How to change the quick access of the file Explorer

Windows 10 folder When you open the file explorer on Windows 10, by default you always get quick access to the Windows File Explorer. This may be convenient for some, but others prefer for example to have hard drives directly. And not to make extra clicks to access the desired files. To change that, it's relatively simple. But you have to know or change the settings, because as in all Windows 10, I find that the settings are scattered everywhere.  

To get direct access to its hard drives

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • In Windows Explorer, click view

explorer files windows folders

  • Then click on Options


  • In the General tab, change the value to open the file Explorer in and put Ce PC

general options of quick access pc folders Now, when you open your Windows Explorer, you'll come across the part about your PC with your hard drives and devices. You'll no longer come across your recent files and folders or other folders you may never use!  

How to add a folder to your quick access

  To add a folder to your quick access (this is not possible for a file), you just need to open your Windows file explorer:

  • Make a right click on the folder you want to see pinned
  • And click left on "Pinning in Quick Access"

explorer file windows pin in quick folder access  

How to remove a folder from your quick access

For deletion, it's just the same method to add an item.  

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