How to avoid hacking his webcam


The webcam, integrated with virtually all laptops and smartphones, is also found in some tablets. This is a very useful accessory for filming and having for example video conversations with people from his family who are abroad.

Because of their presence in many laptops and smartphones, it is a device that is very attractive to hackers, because by having access to this webcam, hackers can spy on you, sometimes without you even noticing!

This espionage can earn them a lot: burglaries when you are not there, credit card number, valuables present, sextape, blackmail, etc.

How to protect your webcam

Have your software up to date

Have your computer, smartphone or other devices that have access to the updated webcam, such as Windows or Android, as well as its updated webcam, to avoid security vulnerabilities.

Have a good antivirus and a good firewall

A good antivirus and a good firewall will detect malicious files, as well as unauthorized access. I recommend for example the Kaspersky antivirus and the Comodo firewall.

Set up webcam access

For example in Windows 10, in the settings, privacy part, you can block application access to your webcam.

W10 Camera

Put a sticker

The sticker in front of the webcam lens has the advantage that you physically block the video capture without your knowledge. Useful if you do not use it at all, but if you use it, you will have a problem to remove the sticker, but also with the glue that will remain stuck on your lens! In that case, I recommend the following solution.

Putting a webcam protection cache

It's the same principle as the sticker, but it's a cache intended to protect your webcam whenever you want, as well as leave the field free to the webcam when you want to use it without having to worry about taking off the sticker or a rest of glue.


For example, you have the protection covers for webcam from Olixar which once glued on the lens, allow to block the view of the camera, and a simple swipe, to open the cache so that the webcam can film you. Much more aesthetic and practical than a sticker! In addition, they are fine and are compatible with laptops, tablets or smartphones.


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