Test / reviews: webcam 1080 p Aukey PC – LM1

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Here is the test of a webcam in 1080 p, the PC – LM1 Aukey. Generally, provided and the most common webcam are in 720 p. That's not bad, but there is a way to do better as for example with 1080! It's better to make video calls or chat on Skype or other. 2017-11-27_20h17_18


  • Plug and play (no driver needed)
  • Dimensions of 113 x 70 x 30 mm
  • Stereo microphone
  • 2 m USB cable
  • 1/3 CMOS image sensor
  • 2 megapixel resolution
  • Check-in 1080 p at 30 fps
  • Video format MJPEG and YUV
  • Windows, Mac and Android


The test

The camera is delivered only in a cardboard box with no detachable USB cable with a length of 2 m, and with the operating instructions. The webcam includes a "feet" / "support" adjustable, sort of clamp in order to position it as desired and everywhere. In addition to the clip, the camera can still be moved up and down. 2017-11-27_20h20_54 2017-11-27_20h25_02 Side installation, nothing more simple, it's plug and play: plug the webcam into usb and it's good! Nothing to do other! In addition, is also compatible Android, ideal for those who use the minicomputers Android on their TV, for example.   Side image, nothing to say, it's a very good: high definition, but also high quality, very good color and very fluid! Even in the dark, it's not bad, it gives much less noise in the image compared to its competitors who are some more expensive. In addition, this webcam has a stereo microphone, which captures very well the sounds! Some of my interlocutors could hear me even typing which is relatively silent!  


Excellent webcam in 1080 p at 30 fps which is plug and play compatible operating multi-systems, a walk which allows you to position it in most situations, and an excellent microphone! Link: https://www.amazon.fr/Microphone-Enregistrement-Compatible-Windows-PC-LM1/dp/B0721MKXQ2/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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