How to find the real official site to download a program

internet trap The net is full of pitfalls: wherever we go, we might quickly end up with malware on their computer or a bit less annoying but still, pop-up ads, new browser search bars, new homepage in your browser, etc… Even more, if we live dangerously: download cracks, keygen,… (which although they are useful for not paying license, they are often set up!) So much so that sometimes, or for other reasons, we prefer to go directly to the website of the Publisher of the software to download the program in question! At this time, there are several cases:

  • you know the website of the editor, in this case, no worries!
  • you do not know the site of the editor, in this case, you are likely to come across a fake site! And therefore very strong risk of either you have ripped off or you get dirt!

  When you're looking for an official site of a software in particular on Google, you have I would say, 6 possibilities:

  1. you come across a counterfeit site (which strongly resembles the real site of the editor and even better positioned) offering you the software for free download, but which you do not know, is that the software in question is corrupted!
  2. you come across a site counterfeit offering no corrupted software in download while it's free
  3. you come across a site infringed offering the corrupted software for pay download
  4. you come across a counterfeit site that instead of giving away the software gives you an any other program (usually malicious software downloaders) or redirects you on from fake download pages asking you to register, meet to fake opinion polls, etc…
  5. you fall on a former site of infringing downloading but now in the hands of the real editor
  6. you fall on the real site of the editor

  As you can see, internet is full of pitfalls!  

How do I know that the site that you can visit is the official website of the Publisher of the software to download?

There are different methods to download official software uncorrupted without getting:

  • Very important: the 1st site that Google (or any other search engine) not give you for your software does not guarantee that this is the official site!
  • Look at the design of the site. If it does not match the reputation of the software, something's wrong. If the software is known worldwide, and the site shows a design of the 2000s, there probably is fishy. Generally, more companies grow, the more they take care of their image!
  • Check other sources if the software is known as being paid or free. If it is known as being free and that you see on the site or you want to download it it is paying, is that it is a fake site!
  • Also check other sources the name of the firm and the link of the official site.
  • Check your downloaded file if it contains no malicious things (attention, bars search who settle when you click Next without reading and or the box is already précoché are not detected) by more than 50 antivirus Online:


Alternatives to official sites

There are alternatives: instead of looking after the official sites, there are centres / areas of downloads and which are reliable (all aren't!) as:

  Their advantages are that the majority of software are grouped in the same place, as some sometimes offer older versions (which can be useful in case of problem with the latest version, etc…), they sometimes give you alternatives, etc… There are a few sites which them just give the link to the official website of the program as:

  And here!

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