The did you know? The ink cartridges

the-did-you-pandoon These days, ink jet printers are cheap… but the cartridges… they are very expensive! It's also amazing: in the surrounding of 50 euros, you can already find printers ink jets and multifunction… The price of ink cartridges? About 20 euros per cartridge… Knowing that in General, you have 4 cartridges to change… The calculation is quick! Some brands tout you the fact that they are separate ink cartridges, and so when one is exhausted, you just have to change that one. It is on much better that if you had only one cartridge, the waste is much less important. Except that what they tell you, it is that:

  1. In General, when a cartridge is exhausted, you know more about using your printer! In some cases, this blocking even your scanner or other functions! You have more black, but you want to print in red? Well no, you can't!
  2. Print in red, blue, yellow? In short, no matter what color, what to know, is that your impression is a mixture of 4 ink cartridges. If you print that in black, your amount of cyan, magenta and yellow ink will go down every time.
  3. Your cartridge is empty? Well actually, it's fake, there's actually a lot of ink that you don't is not accessible! I invite you to watch this experience made by Heliox demonstrating the amount of ink that he can stay in some ink cartridges:
  4. Find a refill of ink and you say that using the original (if you know or put the ink) cartridge, this should solve the problem? Well no! Because in reality, this isn't a level detection that occurs, but a calculation of use that is made by a chip. No matter what level of the cartridge, if the chip built into the cartridge says it's over, you won't have ink, that it's over, you know nothing to do of this cartridge, even if it is full!
  5. Find cartridges for your printer much cheaper? Beware, because as these aren't original cartridges, either your printer will simply not accept either will accept them but will notify you every time that it was not the original cartridges… And because the printer knows well that they are not the original cartridges, it would not surprise me even, in view of the great scam is this market of printers and ink cartridges, ink consumption is artificially increased to These alternative cartridges, just to give a sense that these alternative ink cartridges aren't worth the detour…

  So what to do? There are a few solutions:

  • do not buy ink jet printer.
  • buy a printer inkjet but that ink cartridges are less expensive
  • take the risk of alternative cartridges
  • buy refillable cartridges which are ultimately less expensive than alternative cartridges because you will know from the first use if it works and you will also know or recharge the inkB312275_strFNPicture1
  • use of chips of ink cartridges reset in order to deceive (half) the printer and use the maximum amount of ink available in the original cartridge, in the alternative cartridges and rechargeable cartridges. Reset system allows a continuous (CISS) printing as long as you have ink ^^ B312275_strFNPicture2

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