Tip: how to save ink from your printer

color printer In the computer industry (as in any milieu elsewhere), all means are good for big companies to earn a Max of money… Electronic level, you have programmed obsolescence, that is to say basically that your devices have been calculated for a lifetime that would normally hold the time of your warranty but not too much. (A screen has 2 years warranty? Your screen will most likely hold 2 years and a few weeks, but no more, story you had to buy a new one). At the level of printers, it's not too much at the level of the devices in themselves that pose problems, but the ink they use! Builders do everything to push for consumption:

  • ink cartridges dedicated to the printer, impossible or difficult generic cartridges
  • smaller volume for a larger theoretical capacity
  • counting chip limiting the number of sheets printed even if there is still ink
  • black ink cartridges and separate colors but requiring all to be full to be able to print (like you have more blue ink, but even if you want to print in black and white, the printer will reject it)
  • completely illegible draft mode forcing you to go through a print quality that uses much more ink
  • print a well-loaded test page so that it uses a maximum of color ink
  • etc…

  Here are a variety of tips to help you save ink from your printers:


Ecofont is a software that transforms your writing fonts (also called fonts) such as Arial, times news Roman, Calibri, etc… When you print. Its peculiarity? It inserts empty areas into the line of writing! Invisible to the naked eye (normal writing size, 11 PX), these holes do not change the design but save your ecofont-writing-with-holeink! Paid software, demo version downloadable here. Ecofont also offers you a font, the Vera Sans regular, free and already transformed, to download here. Also know that it is possible to save ink with your usual writing fonts but choosing the ones that consume the least: it would afonts-for-saving-inkppear from a study that the Garamon would use less ink than a times news Roman or a comic without.  


Greencloud is a driver that replaces the one in your printer. This allows you to:

  • give you an interactive preview of your documents before printing
  • Delete empty pages, or without interest in 1 click
  • combine multiple pages per sheet of paper
  • convert to PDF
  • print directly to dropbox, Google Docs,… as a cloud printer (online)
  • print on front/back, black and white (different grayscale)
  • save ink with 3 levels of ink saving options

Downloadable here.  


PrintWhatYouLike, which translates into French gives "print what you want", is a website that allows you to choose what you want to print from a website. Some options allow you to choose whether to print the background of the site, the images, reduce the characters, etc… By clicking on the different elements that make up the Web page you want to print, you can delete, change the size, isolate all items. Example with the cave of Pandoon: http://www.printwhatyoulike.com/print?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpandoon.info site: http://www.printwhatyoulike.com  

Spring friendly

PrintFriendly is also a website that allows you to print a webpage by saving your ink. Less pushed than PrintWhatYouLike, this one automatically removes everything that is site background and layout. You can delete all images in one shot or one by one. The text can be enlarged, shrinks or deleted. Example with the cave of Pandoon: http://www.printfriendly.com/print/?source=site&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpandoon.info site: http://www.printfriendly.com feel free to also give your own tricks!

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