Laptop adapters: Tips

How to avoid flinguer its laptop adapter?

It is probably the more promene piece of the computer (given that batteries are never long enough to allow us to do what is desired). It is therefore necessary to sure on it to ensure its proper functioning.

First of all, here are the most sensitive area of an adapter:



Easily note that simply wrap the cord around the charger cause over time wear of the wire and it follows bare cable upgrade. I want to clarify that this adapter is no longer functioning precisely due to this problem :-(


Council therefore to avoid that happening:

  • Do not wrap your cable as a barbarian for taking the least possible place, arrange for that the place of the cable tie is not too folded. So you never risk to "destroy" your charger.
  • For the other part of the cable (the one that connects the adapter to the socket), remove the and store the in one of the pockets of your carrying case. This will prevent you trouble.


But there is still a second problem, the insertion of the plug adapter into the place of reception of the PC:

ordinateur fiche adaptateur


You will notice a small difference between these 2 PC, one kept the socket (1) and the other lost it! (2)

Indeed, of the fact that I ride often my pc, it happened to me on several occasion, that I forget to remove the adapter. So to force the plug of the charger was more very well inside the pc, there was game. By dint of force to hold the plug, an unplanned incident: the plug male and female are remained connected, even outside the pc. Needless to say that once a lead exits from your PC the chances to put it back inside are slim :-)


Tip to avoid destroying your connection plugs:

  • When inserting the plug adapter, do not use force! If the plug does not fit is that there must be something that prevents it from returning and forcing you won't that empirez problem.
  • Then, when you want to remove your cable do not pull such a brute, go quietly turning the wire to make sure it is removed properly.

Here, an experience that I hope in ferra reflect some. Even if these tips are not really, this is more than a good use. The adapter are vital for laptops and should make good use.

(Sorry for the quality of the pictures)

And also be aware that these tips are valid for all adapters whatever ' they, whether for TV or other electronic device!

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