Are they still effective antivirus software to protect your PC and your phone?

Understand the difference between a virus and a security suite and how they can protect your PC and your mobile device. Web-monitor-security We saw many things in 2014, but in the field of computer security, experts agree that this year is that of malware. In fact, there is more malware that have created these 12 months than during the previous 3 years. There are several reasons for the explosion of malware. The first is the advent of mobile devices and the availability of millions of applications. The developers of these applications are sometimes unknown and some of them will create specifically malicious programs. It has also the negligence of users who download everything and anything without checking the reputation of the developer or even the actual performance of an application. In July 2014, an antivirus application was one of the better classified on Google Play until we discovered that it was that of an image and nothing else! And this type of behavior will multiply in the future, making it vulnerable users through the totality of their devices: PC, Smartphone and tablet.

The difference between a security suite and antivirus

If someone will just tell you that an antivirus is enough to protect your devices, then this person did y know nothing in computer security. The antivirus is not absolutely enough, because the threats are many and they come from several different distribution channels. This is why publishers now offer security suites. These suites contain an antivirus program, a firewall, an antimalware, protections against malicious URLs or Phishing. These are comprehensive solutions that can protect you from all threats regardless of the target device. Most publishers provide primarily security suites. Some are paid and some are free. And this isn't because a security suite is free it is not successful. In fact, the paid solutions integrate special options for certain types of users. For example, Norton offers its suite of security on Android with paid functions to erase data or to locate the device in the event of theft or loss of the phone.

How to find the best security solution in the maze of offers

If you are looking for a paid or free security suite, then you'll find hundreds of tests that promise you much, but we really need to go through a site dedicated to find independent tests and who are not biased. There are a few sites that really stand out. For example, offers news on computer security in general and it offers complete and independent tests on the main antivirus on the market. Each account perfectly reflects the advantages and disadvantages of each antivirus proposed. There are other platforms and forums where you can ask questions on the security suite that suit your needs.  But there are common criteria that are essential to any security solution and include:

  • A perfect detection rate
  • A minimum consumption of system resources
  • Optimal detection of false positives
  • An easy to use interface

  These 4 criteria will allow you to refine your search significantly. Then you evaluate your needs in terms of safety and budget and you choose the security suite that suits you. For example, you need to protect a PC, a Smartphone and a tablet. Then you need to look for a security suite that offers several licenses for the same price. If you are only looking for a security suite for mobile, then you must opt for a publisher who has years of experience in mobile.

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