How to protect its key USB

This trick will allow you to create a secure (encrypted) maximum 2giga on your key USB, and despite the fact that it will be encrypted, you can access and edit all your data secured safely on any computer, even if you do not have administrator rights!

rohos mini drive

Steps to follow:

  1. Download and install Rohos Mini Drive (free)
  2. Insert your USB flash drive
  3. Start the program and click on configure a USB, the detection is done automatically, but you can change drive
  4. Click on Details of volume, choose the letter that will be assigned the partition as well as its size, no need to change the other options. Click OK
  5. Choose a password
  6. Click create a volume

All this done, you have on your USB stick that contains a public partition which is so visible as any other USB, and a hidden partition which will be visible only if you know the password.

Access the hidden and encrypted volume:

  1. In your USB key, double click Rohos mini
  2. Update your password
  3. And your secure partition will appear! And in this way you can make changes on without problems!

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