The did you know? Free Kaspersky antivirus

the-did-you-pandoon In the world of the antivirus, Kaspersky Russian society managed to get a place at the top of the podium since many years and has also managed to keep its place in the top 3 of the best antivirus. Unfortunately, in order to benefit from the expertise of Kaspersky, had to necessarily open portfolio! But this is no longer the case!   Like antivirus software, you have basically 2 options:

  • the paid solution (I advise you to use comparisons like
  • and the free solution

  And among the free solutions, you have basically 2 kinds of products:

  • antivirus with real-time shield
  • without real-time shield antivirus

  Antivirus without real-time shield does not protect your computer, they don't allow you to scan your computer to see if it is already infected or not, not to avoid this infection. Their use is very limited, it's still more useful to avoid and stop the pathogen before he comes to crash your computer, waiting to see that the pc is infected to use the scanner! The advantage of the antivirus without real time shield, is that they can coexist with an antivirus with real-time shield. The potential for conflict is less. And in addition, you benefit from the database of the company which publishes the antivirus. On the other hand, software antivirus with real-time shield may not cohabit with another of the same type, you may create conflicts between the 2, and more, chances are you strongly slow down your computer.   Until a little, Kaspersky, in addition to their paid solutions, offered only a free antivirus of type without real-time shield. It was not bad, but given the wealth of detection of the database of Kaspersky, it was a little annoying for those who did not want to pay 60-100 euros per year. But it's now gone, Kaspersky has finally released a free version of its antivirus with real-time shield, and this, without advertising (for the moment)! It incorporates all the features that you can find on the paid versions, of course, but the bare minimum is present! Given that nothing is ever free, be aware that for your information, if Kaspersky has (finally) released this free version, it's for 2 reasons:  

  1. Promote the paid version, because the free version has the same dashboard as the paid version, but with disabled functions
  2. Make their database even richer and faster detection, because all facilities to communicate with their servers, so if you're the first / the first to detect a suspicious file, your file is theoretically directly sent on their servers for analysis and if it is a malware, hop, all those who have a Kaspersky antivirus will detect this file now. In image, you are a little all explorers and inform Kaspersky of any danger that he will specify the threat and to warn all these clients.

  For now, it is available in English, but other languages will arrive later.   Link (not easy to find, because their site is unclear and very different little 2 free versions):

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