How to find MSN Live Messenger after Skype through Messenger Reviver

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After the purchase of Skype by Microsoft, as you are aware, it has decided officially to migrate the users of Windows Live Messenger, formerly MSN, Skype. History to have a competitor and less and recover their investments…

But sometimes (often?) the migration of MSN to Skype is going as expected by Microsoft… Personally, on 5 of my entourage hotmail accounts migrated, one only has managed… This is how their system is not to the point! And just go see on Skype or other forums to see that people who have problems with migration are legion!

What I get as error is: "sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again"

Great as error, it serves to nothing! If the program has detected an error, he should at least say what it is, where it has occurred! With a similar error message, you can do just nothing at all! The proof is that even on the Skype forums, they know nothing! Result, it is blocked, because Skype does not want to open the hotmail account, and that MSN has been uninstall and cannot reinstall it!

Then, there are those who have managed to migrate, but Skype do they like not! Well Yes, because Microsoft has decided to migrate users of MSN to Skype, but they were not considered useful to migrate features! No box mail, recognition webcam problem, less customization, etc… In short, they want also, find Windows Live Messenger!

Well, here is the solution!

Regardless of whether you have made the migration to Skype, by using this trick, you will find Windows Live Messenger and can re – use like in the good old days!

  1. Download Messenger Reviver 2 (click Download)
  2. Messenger Reviver 2 will automatically detect whether MSN should be repaired or reinstalled on your computer, and you can even choose between 2009 and 2012 version!revive-msn
  3. The installation, find the joy to be able to reuse Live Messenger! It is simple and free, the software does it all!


Note: This software is not a Microsoft program, so the length of the tip is limited in time. Microsoft can block at any time this trick.

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