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test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 A world without music is, for me, a sad world. I always like to have my music everywhere I go and if it is possible the best is still to push the sound up to take advantage of the range of sounds. It requires therefore a music station which will be still more powerful than the speakers integrated smartphones, tablets or players. Discussed here bluetooth brand Xiaomi station, the connection being via bluetooth, no son will be necessary. It will therefore gain in simplicity, no need for cable and the connected device remains free to be moved without hindrance. Attention however to stay at door of the station receiver, I tested that the station was able to capture at a distance of 10 m. Which leaves you a large field of displacement.  

Overview and features

Station Xiomi In the box found only the bluetooth station. Reloading thread is not included but it shouldn't be much problem given that it takes a micro-USB cable. Question autonomy, we reach more or less 9 hours of operation, the recharge time does not exceed it the 5 h. But beware, the station when it is in charge will not work! You can therefore use it only when it is running on battery only. The small size and the weight of the unit makes it easily transportable with only 6cm high, 2.5 wide and 15cm long for a small 220grammes. It can easily find its place in a bag for a picnic. And if it's for indoor use, there will be no difficulty in finding a location. The device is very simple, with only a single button that allows to turn on the station. There is also an entry for connecting a micro-USB cable for charging station. And a small light that indicates that the station is connected to a device (continuous blue light) or not (flashes red and blue). We can not say that it is complicated to use. Turn on the station, activate the bluetooth of the smartphone (or another device with a bluetooth connection) and search after the "Mi Speaker" source. Once the link is established between the 2 devices, can place it where you want and not more deal. The volume can be adjusted only using the smartphone.

Button Xiomi

Sound ability

Despite the small size of the station, the sound that comes out is of excellent quality, very clear. Lack of power is all the same note in the bass. But for those who want to have all their music, station Xiaomi will perfectly fill his office. As you push the volume to its maximum, there is no saturation of the speaker and the sound that comes out can be extended by far, what is expected of a station.  


This resort is very well, even though for music purists the lack of bass may be a real concern. The ease of use and connection between the station and the source is very interesting for anyone who wishes not to take the lead. Product link:   test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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