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Having a background of music is always pleasant, it soothes and helps the concentration (or distraction according to music). This is why I always use my iPod to put music, my only problem is that I don't really like to put headphones, I believe that music should be shared (except in public places such as train). However, despite developments speakers of smartphones, they quickly reach saturation and therefore the sound loses quality.

I'll introduce you to a station not bluetooth, wifi or even cable double Jack. No, here the Drop & Play Olixar which runs through the induction technology!


Presentation of the product:

Drop & Play wireless speaker

The station comes with its Mini USB cable to charge the internal battery. As well as a cable double jack (Yes it works either by induction, dual 3.5 mm jack)

The weight of the station is very light, it happens only to 155g for a size of 13.4 cm long, 6.4 cm wide and 4.7 cm high. All this makes it ultraportable.



Nothing more simple, if not use the cable double Jack 3, 5mm:

1 – Push the button "ON" the station (otherwise it works much less well!)

2 selected music on his mobile phone or any other device with a speaker

3. place the speaker of the device on one of the 2 areas represented by a drawing of white speaker on the station.

Directly, the sound emitted by the source of music will be amplified and can be farting music!

So no need to have audio turned on bluetooth and bind to the station, no need WiFi no longer! Battery consumption will therefore only limited out of music by the speakers of the GSM, and not more sharing data such as bluetooth or wifi. It is a universal station for all types of devices with a speaker!

However, it is worth noting some small annoyances: If the source speaker is not well positioned, the station no longer works. And if you want to change the sound, one is obliged to go through the settings of the source.

The internal battery of the station takes a good 6 hours of music until a reload is necessary.


Perfect small enclosure which fulfills his duty, need more of his bluetooth. No problem of compatibility. Everything is done to make it portable, its weight and size, but lacking a bag for the carriage of the station, it is a shame! But it is a very good resort for the price!


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