Security: the challenges of tomorrow


The explosive growth of mobile devices has upset the world until then quiet enough computer security company. The workers are indeed more and more to be desired to be able to use their personal smartphone to perform professional tasks, for a device they have perfectly mastered they can happen. As users gain control and efficiency and companies face a mountain of challenges in terms of security, which gives certainly wire for it departments and nocturnal anxieties to patrons. In reality, these fears are rather unfounded and can easily exceed them if we put in mind that: ‘confidence does not exclude the control.  

Evolution of security environment

The first functioning central computers type, through client-server infrastructure to the web generation, it was relatively easy to protect: an enterprise within the Data Center Firewall was sufficient. The fact is that, for all these models, a one or two slots were made available to maintain the company’s data. The problem of information security in business today is quite different. The information is stored in multiple locations but also in several appliances that are not supplied by the company. Indeed, employees want to be able to choose their laptops, smartphones or tablets Favorites and power use them also for professional tasks where they want to. This, it imagined quite easily, created numerous flaws that hackers can exploit at leisure.

In the office on a cloud…

The impact of the Cloud on the professional world is the perfect illustration of the transformative power of inherent to these technological developments. Cloud Computing – system remote servers – indeed offers unexpected opportunities that companies have been able to welcome with interest. According to a survey conducted by research firm Pierre Audoin Consultants to 200 computer makers, almost a third of French companies are resorting to the Cloud. Nevertheless, 44% of them, the question of security is still a source of concern. This may explain this interesting figure: 71% have opted for a private type Cloud solution. Companies that are not yet focused on the issue should take the time to choose the option that most closely matches their expectations.


Or at the cafe a Sunday…

Today the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become as popular as that of Cloud Computing. No it Department can ignore it longer because soon there will be no reason to keep archived data from the company in a single device. Access to this information from the mobile terminals of the workers will be the standard. As for the Cloud, this naturally requires the development of effective security systems that ensure the prevention of fraud, data theft and other threats. Another essential point, they must ensure, as for example do solutions Dell BYOD, constant access for all employees to professional resources they might need. IT managers must have an active role in the evaluation of the BYOD solutions to choose one that will best ensure the security of their business. 19409504785_e79335794a For all, shoot down the traditional structures generates a sense of anxiety, but this revolution in professional practices should be allowed with conviction, the risk otherwise would be hit.

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