Test / reviews: Kitvision Escape HD5 sport Camera


There are very many sports cameras now on the market, we can find at any price. Having a Go Pro and another low-end sports camera, I wondered what a camera was worth at about 50 euro at the time I'm writing this test
. So I decided to test this little camera from Mobilefun, a Kitvision Escape HD5.

Box content and technical features:

1 x Kitvision Escape HD
51 x Waterproof case 3
0m1 x helmet supp
ort1 X support
bike1 x support tri
pod2 x adhesive
3M1 x USB Charge cabl
e1 x Instructions

Kitvision Escape HD5 07

– Video resolution: 720P (1280-720) 30FPS, 480P (640-480) 30
FPS- Waterproofi
ng: 30M- Battery:
900mAh- Lens: 120 A – HD wide-angle len
s- Entry/Exit: Micro-USB, Mini HDMI
– Video format: AVI-
Photo resolution 5MP
– Photo format: MJPEG- S
torage: Micro SD (up to 32GB)- US
B interface: USB 2.0- Scr
een: LCD 1.5 inches- R
ecording time : 90 minutes in video- Load
ing time: 2-3 Hours- Consumptio
n: 260 mA – 4.2V- Compatib
le with: Windows XP/ Vista/ Win7/ 8, Mac OS- Dime
nsion: 59.27-41.13 29.28mm- We
ight: 58g (naked camera)

The test

The package is well protected, the camera comes in a box cardboard with a design similar to that of a gopro with accessories in opaque cardboard one and the camera in a transparent part. It contains two parts, one for the camera and one for accessories. The camera is mounted directly in its sealed box. In the second box, several small accessories attachment. It is notably a tripod adapter, a fixation for bike, strips Velcro with a fixed helmet, a cable USB-microbus that allows charging and file transfer.

Kitvision Escape HD5 06

The camera is very compact, about the dimensions of a Gopro, for a lighter weight than a Gopro however and lighter than many other camera of the same range. The camera is easy to use, everything is well explained in the user manual. F
or the practical part!

Kitvision Escape HD5 05

This camera has essential features and settings and some advanced setting, but you won't find all the advanced settings as you can see on high-end cameras such as a gopro black edition. Is quite normal and making it easy to use because the menus are not very long, it is an advantage for all people not wanting to spend hours to resolve. However advanced users looking for possible more manual camera to turn to a model more high-end. This camera is ideal to make a simple use to start with cameras sports, for children, or even for most people who do not want to have your hands on everything. When changing environment quickly, for example a passage of full sun in a very dark area, the white balance is well controlled and the camera fits well in automatic to its environment. The change in exposure is well-managed also. Photo quality and video is correct given the price, this little camera is not intended as a high end camera and defends rather well. There are some more low end camera in commerce showing the same price!

Kitvision Escape HD5 01

The protective box is waterproof up to 30 meters deep and protects the camera from small shocks
. As for photo and video quality, this camera is not a reference for photos from a resolution point of view, and for video it doesn't make fullHD BUT, and it takes a big "BUT", although it delivers a lower resolution than a lot of competition low-priced annuities that I have for some could test, this one does it well. Thus it does not make the 4K on the other camera to 50 euros, however she master the quality and continuity of the comparisons of the so-called video camera. I.e. in the case of shock or in low light. All small inexpensive cameras displaying high resolutions have big problem of quality of videos. This camera does not have to match a camera 4K but a final video quality perspective (to equal resolution) it is much closer to a gopro than most of the competitors I've ever tried. For this reason for a small budge, t I will recommend rather that camera here rather than a camera indeed showing 4 K resolution but with a less clean than the picture.


This entry level camera allows to start with cameras in stock for cheap but still a quality well for the resolution displayed, unlike many competitors at the same price that shows best resolutions but yet we're less good image. If there is need of a professional quality, it allows flexible use as any other camera said "tight" (GoPro ect). And for the price, it already a fleet of accessories has interesting, especially since the gopro or Accessories pack accessories to find very cheap are compatible.


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