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Despite promises that can certify us vendors of smartphones, screens, screen protection, I noticed that the fingerprint of fingers that they tout so much is only limited in time… And fast strong tends to clean its screen smartphone or tablet on his clothes in an attempt to get a max of fingerprints…

Recently, I discovered, something I could not have imagined, a "polish" for touch screen!

Skeptical, I thought I'd try. The product in question is the Polish PhoneSoap.


The test

The PhoneSoap is more specialized in the disinfection of smartphones and tablets (besides the translation of the mark means "SOAP" and "phone"), and the PhoneSoap was the main feature to kill bacteria and remove traces of fingers. With no sterile areas or in boxes of Petri dishes or oven, I drop the antibacterial effect and concentrate rather on the effect anti fingerprints.

PhoneSoap Polish consists of carnauba and other unspecified natural ingredients… Carnauba wax is used in various products: wax for car, cosmetics, food, etc…

Its use is relatively simple: the product is in the form of a stick, like a red lipstick.

You open the CAP and you apply the polish by placing a cross on your smartphone screen (clean).

1 concerns: the polish is very crumbly, I've already lost half of surface for the first application. One thing to know, is right now, it's pretty cold, and Moreover it's cold, more wax, no matter which, is more hard/brittle, so unfortunately, I cannot say at the moment whether or not this brittleness is due to the cold. Another thing to know, isn't that impressive the amount of loss from lost wax, this quantity is relative in view of the full stick… The opening of the stick, there is about 5mm of wax which is already released, but once these 5mm is used, it will be easier to manipulate the stick and have much less loss of pieces of wax. It's a 7cm high stick, but I think that there are about 5cm of wax. And knowing that you are just making a cross, you still have a good hundred/a thousand use!


Once the cross is made on your screen, with your fingers or with the stick cap, make circular movements on your screen to apply the wax to your entire screen.

2nd worries: the cap of the stick has a kind of foam stuck on it. If you make circular movements with this foam, it will detach because she's not enough well pasted (and wax is hard enough). I recommend another method: come stick the foam against your smartphone and then only make the quarter hourly turn anti-clockwise on your smartphone and not make circles with foam by holding on. It is just as effective, a bit more tedious, but at least the foam stays in place.

Then let stand for 1 minute… 1 night…

Finally, with the mini supplied Microfiber towel, clean your screen.

Result? With a few minutes of applications, fingerprints are greatly reduced! They appear according to the condition of your fingers (for example in my case, my index finger and my middle finger left no finger marks, but my thumb left with thin traces), but they are greatly attenuated and much easier to clean!

To see leaving the product applied all night …

On the other hand, although easy to use, the PhoneSoap requires even when the force: the wax is hard (and brittle) and it is tedious to do all of the round (with the foam. With your fingers, it's much easier) and then clean it up…

PhoneSoap advises to apply wax 1 time per week. Indicator according to them: If you can't easily clean the screen, it is time to redo a polish of the screen.

And if you think that the polish is not effective, they advise you to wait a week and see the difference… Xd

In short: the antibacterial effect is not tested; The anti-fingerprint effect is 75% effective for a few minutes of applications; Long duration of use despite the friability of the wax and the losses that can be had. Simple to apply, hard to remove (because of the cold?)


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