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Smartphones, our best travel companion ever we never forget and that's why we always have to find a place for him. The pocket for men and the handbag for women (in the majority of cases). But who has never had problems getting their phone back behind the wheel because there is an urgent call and the Bluetooth function has not been activated on the phone?! No need to describe the scenario more fully, we twist in all directions trying to keep an eye on the road and the moment when we finally have the cell phone, the correspondent hung up.

Or your smartphone can also be used as a GPS as long as you know where to put it so you don't have to take too much of your eyes off the road.

So here's a universal smartphone support that can land anywhere in your car.

Introducing and using the product

Stealth Spigen content

Box content

  • 1 Spigen Stealth support, black exterior and blue interior
  • 1 manual and a certificate of authenticity
  • 2 wipes impregnated with alcohol

Fixing the support

The Stealth support is made to stick to any surface, whether they are flat or curved. To adhere to your dashboard the Stealh has a gel pad under its base and as the support is not 100% rigid you can apply it wherever you want. Better yet, if you find that the position is not ideal, just take it off (with delicacy) and reposition it at your leisure in another place. However, be sure to wash the surface thoroughly, using the wipes provided, before setting up the support. If the gel pad is filled with dust, it won't stick.


The support is made of plastic TPU very nice to touch. It won't scratch your phone. When placed on your dashboard, it doesn't swear with your interior thanks to its modern style


Because the Stealth is a universal support, it should be suitable for all phones with or without a protective shell. And indeed, it works properly on the condition that you put your phone in landscape mode, the limit size of your screen can not exceed 6. It will therefore not be suitable for tablets.

The support was designed to be able to put your device in it using only one hand, it can be done indeed but it takes me less time to use both hands (I tend to press my screen by doing it with one hand which is not practical when the mod e GPS is on).

To position your phone, Spigen has thought of you by offering two different angles, depending on where you place your support and your driving position.

  • In the first, your smartphone is slightly tilted (see photo below).
Stealth Spigen Position 2
  • The second position is straighter than position 1.
Stealth Spigen position 1 with hull

When your phone is in place, it won't move a bit even in the slightly fast corners. And even if you don't put your smartphone in the clip, it won't bump on its base when you drive. There is therefore no parasitic noise during driving. In addition, the pressure of the pliers on the phone is not enough only to activate one of the buttons that can be found on the edges of the smartphone.


A very good car support that sits everywhere. Its modern style goes very well with the interior of the car but it may be that some people do not like this support precisely because of its appearance. In a negative, we can note the fact that the smartphone must be put in portrait mode in order to be fixed in the support.


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