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Our faithful travel companion, the smartphone: It is indispensable to us and since it never leaves us, we use it for everything, including photos and reading documents.

And sometimes we wish we could share it with our friends by sharing our files. Fortunately, the blutooth allows us to share our files between smartphones but it can take time. But there is another solution the Leef micro-USB key.


euro leef
  • It is a USB 3.0 key, 16, 32 or 64 gigas, which has a micro-USB or Lightning connector at its end. It is only 4cm long, when neither card has come out, which allows you to always have it at your own, no matter what. And so both heads will stay safe.
  • However, to be able to use this USB key, you will need to use an Android smartphone or tablet. Windows Phones don't recognize this key, even after downloading multiple file managers.
  • Only one plug can be taken out at a time, so you don't try to charge your device with the USB key. All you need to do is press the black area (between the heads) and drag the end you need.


The USB key being a 3.0, it will quickly transfer files between your computer and the USB key, and vice versa. Then, once on the USB key, the files can be read on your phone without any problems. You can also transfer them to the smartphone to keep them. With the
USB Leef key you will increase the storage size of your device and you will also be able to share your files, photos and others with your friends.

leef micro


With its small size and storage capacity, you can always carry the USB Leef key on you and enjoy the storage gain it offers you.

However, you'll need an Android or iOS device to use it and an app to move your files.


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