Test / review: mirror dashcam Auto – Vox DVR – M6


Practically everyone knows the dashcams which are mini cameras that sticks to the windshield of his car in order to film what happens during trips in the car. These records provide proof collision/accident and clear customs you if necessary. These dashcams are practically indispensable in cars among others in China and Russia or pedestrians literally throw themselves at your car in order to believe in an accident caused by the driver of the car in order to collect the insurance. In our country, it is not yet at this point here and fortunately, but I notice that little by little, some insurers give a small bonus and benefits when there is presence of dashcams. Although the dashcams are relatively small (in General, about 10 centimetres), generally speaking, once affixed to a windshield, they attract the eye. And many do not like to be filmed without their knowledge, in addition, some thieves may be tempted. Recently, there is a new type of dashcam: Interior mirrors with dashcam and screen integrated! Auto-vox-dvr-m6

Characteristics of the mirror dashcam with rear camera Auto – Vox DVR – M6

  • Mirror to put above the rearview mirror of origin (no removal)
  • Integrated 4.5-inch touchscreen
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Rear camera with 6 leds
  • Super HD: 1296 pixels in 30 frames per seconds
  • Full HD: 1080 pixels in 30 frames per seconds
  • Adjustable front camera
  • Power supply with cigarette lighter plug
  • Loop recording
  • Protection against deletion of files when shocks / accident
  • Parking mode
  • Motion detection mode
  • French language available
  • Front view angle: 130 degrees
  • Rear view angle: 170 degrees
  • Microphone and built-in speaker


The Auto – Vox DVR – M6 dashcam test

The first thing to say is that it is well packaged. And fortunately, because in view of the State of the outer packaging, it was seriously roughed up during transportation, but the rearview mirror packing is solid cardboard and the rear view mirror is also protected by foam. So he arrived intact. Then you have everything that is needed to operate this dashcam, except a microSD card:

  • the dashcam mirror
  • the camera back
  • the fasteners to keep the dash cam in the rearview of origin (normal 1 pair and 1 pair for big rear-view mirror)
  • the power cable to the rear view mirror in USB-plug cigarette lighter
  • the power supply for the camera back
  • Microfiber cloth
  • the operating instructions in french


The second thing to say is that it is a great mirror! Even with its protection film, see in it no problem! The mirror of Interior seems pretty big: it is 31cm by 8 cm. But when compared with a mirror of origin, there is only about 5cm from each side which exceeds… In addition, this extra width and length allow a much more pleasant rear vision! Or with a mirror of origin, it is simply limited to rear vision without having a margin 1 cm extra, with the auto-vox M6, you margin, and it makes driving much more pleasant because you don’t need to take up/down your head to see better according to your position in your seat! Note that on the rearview mirror, there is presence of the Auto-Vox brand, but it does not attract the eye at all, and so doesn’t bother at all to conduct, it is barely if it is present. Should also be noted, is that the mirror has an anti-glare filter, and as a result, the image that it makes you is a bit more dark. On the other hand, the screen is very bright, but even if it is on, he not gene not to conduct. After that, it depends on people, because since there is movement, it may attract your attention too often. Of course, the lighting of the screen can be programmed, it can be turn on, turn off after 15 seconds, 3 min or 1 min. Level settings, nothing special, these are the classic settings as all dashcams, but with the ability to turn off the screen to watch recorded videos, remove them, prevent fading, etc… In short, it is very complete! Level record videos, it’s nice to Super HD in 1296 pixels and in 30 frames per seconds, short of what read the plates without too much trouble! On the other hand, I find that the angle of the front camera is a bit “small”, despite its 130 degrees and the fact it is orientable, due to the fact that it is at the level of the rear view mirror, home, it gives only a vision that what’s happening in front and very little on the side. Well that unspecified, everything indicates that the camera a stabilizer of images, because despite the potholes and not very flat roads, the images remain very stable! the rear camera is 720 pixels. By default, it is not possible to record this stream, but with an update of the firmware to ask Auto-Vox to have the file and instructions, it is possible to do. The dashcam also records the sounds, and the sound is correct: my radio volume 5 is audible, and my turn signals are barely audible. The noise of the wind on the windshield is noticeable without being annoying.   In short, frankly, this interior mirror worth from my point of view for those seeking a dashcam which is a very good job in high definition, and that is both easy to install and quite little visible from the outside.   Linscreenshot_11screenshot_12k: https://www.amazon.fr/AUTO-VOX-Etanche-Dashcam-R%C3%A9troviseur-Tactile/dp/B072V3F5WC test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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