Test / reviews: Aukey camera for car dashcam 1080 p 170 degree DR – H2


I already told you the benefits that having a camera in his car, here’s another little dashcam of Aukey. screenshot_45



  • Compact design: length of 8, 5cm, width of 4.1 cm and height of 3.9 cm. Diameter of the lens is 2.1 cm, and the weight of the product is 343, 5g.
  • WiFi: with the integrated communication system, you can easily operate the car wireless camera using your mobile phone. You can download the app for iPhone or Android by following the instructions of the operating instructions.
  • Good performance in the night: with CMOS and technique WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) of the treatment of the darkness, you can enjoy full HD video (1920 X 1080 p / 30 fps) and clear images for days and nights.
  • Camera angle: 170 degrees.
  • G – Sensor: built-in accelerometer sensor. If you brake suddenly your car due to shock, car recorder will automatically save the video. This important video will not be lost.
  • Accepts microSD of max 32gigas (minimum 8gigas)



The test

Compared to the other camera already tested, it is not difficult to see that of Aukey is better in several points:

  • 1080 p vs 720 p
  • 170 degrees vs 120degres
  • WiFi vs no wifi
  • Technology WDR vs. no image improvement

  After that, there are still a few negatives (according to the preferences of each):

  • No sucker, but part auto-collante, therefore less possibility of repositioning after installation
  • No screen

  There are also 2 ways to feed this dashcam: either via the cigarette lighter plug or via the power Panel. Presence of an RCA output… Unless told otherwise, it seems to me that few people use the RCA… So, from my point of view, completely useless! To compensate for the wifi for the videos, a HDMI port would have been more useful and widely more available to everyone a RCA port that I’m almost sure 3/4 of people have never heard… In addition, Wifi is not deactivated. Recording videos, you have largely 3 choices: Auto, motion detection or loop. Once the filled microSD card, older videos are automatically overwritten. The videos are saved with a minute each time. On the other hand, when the camera is turned on at night, you have of (REC and Power) red and blue LEDs flashing all the time on your side, which is a little awkward, it’s a little COP or Christmas wreath… The camera head can do a rotation of 180 °, which allows easy adjustment of the shooting in a horizontal way. Quality of videos, it’s 1080 in 30 fps, so the image quality is very good and fluid video. The plates are illegible at a distance about 5 m I would say. screenshot_50  


It’s a dashcam with a quality/price ratio that is quite correct. 1080 p in 30 fps, this is the minimum that I believe are necessary to see the plates in case of you would need. No screen, but the wifi, so requires having a smartphone and Android or iOS to download the application and manage this dashcam. Fixing with adhesive, so once glued, more difficult to her so.   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/Aukey-Voiture-embarqu%C3%A9e-Enregistreur-Conduite/dp/B01BBF2Q4A/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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