Review / Test: Manhattan, 2 kits of transport test: cables USB 7 1 and suitcase of technician


I do not know about you, but personally I am getting fed up with all these different USB cables… Certainly, the USB standard has reduced the different types of connectors, but personally, I find that there are still too many different type of USB connector: you already have males and females, then those of type A and type B mini-A and mini-B and finally the micro-A and then the micro-B! And with version 3.0, the micro-B are still different from the micro-B version 2.0! Then when you have several types of minimum 1 m long USB cables, it quickly becomes a big mess and a beautiful ball of cable! So if you take these cables somewhere, joy… Manhattan-products The Manhattan company, whose slogan is “Life just go easier” (life is just easier) and specializes in Accessories for pc and mobile, released 1 travel kit 7 in 1 cable: the Manhattan-Kit-7-en-1-cablesManhattan 7 in 1 cable travel kit consists of 7 e retractable cables gold-plated n:

  1. USB 2.0 type A male to type A female, 80 cm
  2. USB 2.0 type A male to type mini-B (5pins), 80 cm
  3. USB 2.0 type A male to type B, 80 cm
  4. Cable jack stereo 3.5 mm stereo male to male, 80 cm
  5. Cable jack stereo 3.5 mm stereo male to female, 80 cm
  6. Cable Rj45 male to male, 1 m 10
  7. Cable Rj11 male to male, 1 m 10

The whole weighs 238 g. cable-adapter-usb-gold   The advantage of this travel kit, is the most frequently used cables are represented, all your cables are neatly and these are retractable. As a result, more mess and more ball and no knots! Everything is tidy! And if ever you have one or more types of retractable USB cables that you know that you are not using, you can insert one or more USB key to their place in this small suitcase! Just as you can also still put your USB key in this package even if all seats are taken, as a result, you will not lose your USB key, because although they are likely to wander a bit, they will remain even when in the Pocket! And also know that these extensions and USB adapters have their plates gold connectors, gold as the precious metal is more conductive, this allows these cables for best performance as their electrical signals pass more effectively and have better shielding against interference. The disadvantages of this kit are:

  • The first being that plastic ends supposed to hold in place the types Jack cables and RJ45 are not really suitable, they are slightly too big, therefore, there is the game and cables do not really in place.
  • The second is the inverse, it concerns those in USB, they are on the edge too tight, thus, USB cables are more difficult to remove.
  • And the third is that this is not a pouch that is classically closed by a zipper, it closes via a simple button pressure and as such, it has 3 sides in the open air. Although luxurious appearance, the fact that it is open and that some connectors are struggling to hold in place increases the risk of loss of cables…


Amazon product link: they also released a kit for technician composed of 17 pieces, very useful for all those who like to tweak/fix/change occasionally computers or other product Electronics: the Mtechnician-tool-kitanhattan techician tool kit is composed of:

  1. a 30w soldering iron
  2. a braid desoldering 1, 5 m
  3. a bit soldering
  4. anti-static tweezers used to insert and remove chip
  5. an antistatic trident
  6. anti-static tweezers
  7. a needle nose pliers
  8. a tube made of plastic for additional parts
  9. nut-1/4 “
  10. nut-3/16 “
  11. a star screwdriver with bit T10
  12. a star screwdriver with bit T15
  13. a small Phillips head screwdriver size
  14. a Phillips-head screwdriver, standard size
  15. screwdriver flat, small size
  16. a flat screwdriver, standard size


For the more observant, you must have noticed that I have cited that 16 elements, or the kit is supposed to have 17 parts… and if you observe well the image, you will rely… 15 parts… The anomaly about the number of parts is of the fact that they have mixed parts and features… Actually it all depends on how there are different parts, if you count the elements from their list shown on the box, there are 17 elements, because they count the clip to insert chips as an element, and the clip to extract the chip as other elements, it is a single clip. So for 16/17. For the 15/17, it is simply that there are not 2 star screwdriver T10, T15, but a medium with an interchangeable tip. So if finally I don’t I’m not confused, the account is good! ^^ Unlike the cable kit mentioned above, here all the elements are well fastened and all closes with a zipper. And unlike the image that can be seen on the packaging, the iron weld doesn’t have an English, but of European decision-making. Screwdrivers are chrome vanadium with plastic handle. I had no worries on this side there, heads were and I have not had a problem. On the other hand, I have not understood why inserted operating instructions for the clip to insert/remove the chips, I think it’s so logical… It changes not much of a clamp, it is just a clamp with 2 flat tips suitable for electronic chips… Anyway, why not? Put grease in the clip, I quite agree, but go up to what it’s dripping slightly to such point that it took to pack the Tongs in plastic…? And put the fat in a screwdriver tip, even if it is interchangeable as those found in the Swiss knives? I find it useless… In short, some small flaws, but nothing well wicked. Same principle as the cable set, everything most frequently used for repair, maintenance or improvement in the computer and electronic field is in one place! Very convenient! Amazon product link:   test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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