Test/review: Lightning and Charger Cable car Axxbiz


When buying an Apple product, it comes with the cable lightning from the same manufacturers. And if by necessity, or loss, we need a new cable, it may face a major problem which is that the cable, freshly bought white label (much less costly than the timestamp of the Apple products) is not compatible with the system Apple! And yet it is a lightning cable to usb classic! But Apple in its update may not prevent, remove some cables on the other brand so that they are more compatible with your devices. Measure your forcing to buy your cables and other accessories in shops specialized brand. And yet a cable will remain a cable that it is Apple or not. This is the reason why you must always check when buying a cable that it is inscribed: “certified by Apple” or even “MFI certified”. Or alternatively you may not know how to use your cable or even it could recharge your devices but would not sync when connecting to iTunes. In this article, I will test the cables of the mark Axxbiz, a cable lightning to USB as well as a lightning car charger.  

Cable USB Axxbiz lightning

Cable Lightning Axxbiz

It allows to recharge and synchronize all your Apple equipped with a port of entry lightning devices. The cable is covered with silver braided nylon which makes it very pleasant to the touch and more resistant that the sheath plastic Apple cables but also more rigid. The size of the cable is more or less a meter which is handy to install the appliance in load on the desktop from a wall outlet. It has no heating of the cable when it loads a device for several hours. When it comes to finishes, we note the presence of a black plastic at the base of the sheets, which make the connection between the cable and the USB plug or lightning. May be the low cable part if given a blow or is too violently unplug the cable. Product link: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00YNLO1IE/  

Lightning car charger

Car charger Axxbiz

Equipped with a built-in over cable or less one meter it can load your device using the cigarette lighter of your car. The wire size makes it convenient because it can be placed anywhere on the dashboard. When the current past into the charger a small blue color indicator will illuminate (just above), this is convenient for whether the load is active, would in any case fast because the output power is 2.1-to and without heating of the charger or the wire. The small size of the charger is also nice, he barely exceeds the cigarette lighter socket and you can store it in your glove box without losing storage space. Be careful however not to lose. It also appreciated the reinforcements over the charger to easily remove it from the cigarette lighter socket. Product link: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00YNLNZRC/  


Very good products that offer a good quality/price ratio. We regret, however, that there be no USB port on the car charger to charge a second device simultaneously, but this small size the excuse of this light failure. test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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