Test / review: smart and connected Noke Padlock padlock


With the advanced and the miniaturization of technology, we live in an increasingly connected world.

Laptop, Tablet, smartphone, watch, pedometer… and locked-in padlock!

One of the connected padlock models is the Noke Padlock padlock.

Noke padlock

The test

The Noke Padlock lock using key or code number for his release. It connects with bluetooth to your smartphone and with dedicated, allows his release.

When unpacking, you feel the quality of the padlock by its weight: just over 350 grams, all the same!

Entirely made of stainless tempered steel, the padlock is designed to withstand the elements.


The Cove has a diameter of 8mm. What is not nothing, and can already be a problem. You can’t really blame them that they made a solid padlock, but several versions with different inlet diameter would have been interesting.

The body of the lock has a diameter of 55mm to a thickness of 30mm. What actually makes a huge padlock! Not very discreet.

The Noke uses bluetooth version 4 for maximum energy saving, it integrates within itself a battery (supplied) which will allow the lock to take a little while (it seems to me that this may be 1 year in daily use, but I can’t find the source). But even if your lock has almost no battery, your application will warn you. And if your padlock really runs out of battery, you have the option to plug a battery (still you have to have one in the corner) to the outer shell allowing you to add the energy needed to unlock it and decapitate to it change the battery! It must be said that it is well thought out at this level, you do not have too much to worry, if you no longer have battery, you will not have to break the padlock to get your stuff back! ;-)


With this app, you can also share your padlock with other people, and it’s customizable, which is great.

On the other hand, I find that there is a big flaw: the padlock communicates with its application via bluetooth, okay, but the application needs internet to work! So if not wifi or 3G / 4G, or if Noke servers fall down, you can say goodbye to unlock via the application! I understand that the application uses internet to share for example your lock access to your friends, but to make a necessity, not communicated otherwise, I do not. In addition, we’re slave server Noke, something I do not like either.

Fortunately, if you do not have internet access or if the server is dead, you can always unlock your lock by pressing the handle of your lock a number of times that you have defined. in the application. Once stored in the lock, don’t worry, you won’t need the application to unlock. This is a very useful and original emergency release method, which looks like in Morse code: you can alternate short press and long press break. On the other hand, point black, is that the application imposes minimum 8 support! By measure of security, of course, but I find that is a minimum of 8, too! I agree that one or 2 support, is not enough, but from there to impose 8…


What is: the idea is excellent, the padlock is very solid, there is nothing wrong about it. Emergency unlocking methods have been very well thought out.

What I reproach the Noke, is:

  • the 8mm diameter of the Cove (no other choice),
  • its weight (do not forget that in some cases, you can be bringing in to walk with, for example if you use it as a bike lock) which specify him when same, average weight of 2 phablets.
  • the obligation to connect to the internet to use the application
  • a minimum of 8 support/emergency release clicks.


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