Test / review: Smart socket Koogeek

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 What's worse that having to move to turn the light off when it is installed in the Chair / bed? This is where we'd like to have the gift of telekinesis, hop to flip the switch by thinking… Good, it is not yet for everything now we are unfortunately not in the X – Men, but otherwise, the smart socket WiFi of Koogeek done veryIMG_20170727_231350 fine! :D This soquet to bulb is screwed like a normal E27 bulb, in the soquet to your lamp, bulb and once screwed into the lamp, simply screw a suitable bulb (bulb everything to normal, I use LED here, 25 watt max bulbs). 20170727_231659 20170727_231720 20170727_231641 There are systems that manage all the lights of the House, with specific bulbs (as proposed by Philips), but in this case there must also be wasting all of your light bulbs which still work, this Smart Socket system is therefore more economic and requires less investment. Then you must press the button "power" on the side, and the soquet then displays a small flashing green LED, which means that it is looking for WiFi (beware, I tried the soquet in a desk with a switch lamp, and I had no green LED, is because of the switch?) I don't know but in any case on a "ceiling" lamp in my living room, no worries of connection). Two solutions for the following:-use the "Home" application on your Apple device, which detects the soquet, connects it with the Apple HomeKit pairing code located in the box. -use the dedicated to this Koogeek Home received_10212387431233805application both allow the soquet via Siri, control and response speed is impressive, it works really well. We know apparently also use it with the Apple Watch. received 10212387431273806 If you want to take advantage of more opportunities of the soquet, let's use the Koogeek application, which also allows:-to monitor energy consumption for this bulb on a graph showing annual, monthly, use real-time… (good for curiosity but not very useful for more) – programming when turn on/off the lamp. This feature is really good in case of absence! :D No need to have your Apple device nearby, these info are stored in the smart socket, it is therefore automatically once programmed. received_10212387432753843


-the device seems good, the connection is easily done, can matter with what app – good quality-price ratio: it is sure that it is not worth a full installation, but to troubleshoot just in a room and avoid having to stand up just for that, it's already a little nicer I would recommend this for a gift for the gadget lovers definitely ^^

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