Review / Test: Gumbite Desktop Organizer


An office, it is easily fast, clutters leaves draft, open folders, pens, computer… In short we no longer know where you can ask new business. However, it is known that work in a clear and tidy environment increases the yield.

Go, are we trying to store, but not without accessories, I present to you my friend the organizer’s Office Gumbite for smartphones and tablets!

It is a pack of 3 different Accessories:

  • Stylus for capacitive screen
  • Support office for smartphone / Tablet
  • Range cable (2 x) silicone


(A) the pen:


Stylus for capacitive screen

Stylus for capacitive screen

As you watch it, the pen is big. But the grip is very nice and it is surrounded by a rubber sheath, eliminating him from slipping. Ideal for sailing, play games or even to write on a keyboard.
It does nothing special, nor mine, nor clips. It is a good large stylus that works very well.


(B) Support Office

=> Standi (of his first name)

Support office standi, see the 3 openings.

Support Office Standi, see the 3 openings.

Here, the big part storage, do not be surprised by the small size of the desktop stand, it can really store many things. Let me explain.

It offers 1, a bin storage (in black) with 3 openings for storing pens (the Centre is specially designed to allow the supra stylus to pull). And the Pan at the back will allow you to store keys USB, post-it, paper clips, really all small objects that are quickly hidden on a desk. It is held in place on the desktop using 2 rubber band, that will prevent move, when you would like to take something, or when you you use to write. And it was only 1 advantage!

In addition, it offers 2 way to place its smartphone / Tablet: is in portrait mode or mode landscape on the front!

Samsung galaxy Tab 7.0 in portrait on the media

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 in portrait on the media

In this way, it is always possible to well handle its Tablet unless it moves, it is held in place by a thin strip of white rubber. It’s clean and it is functional, what more? Ben, being able to pleasantly use the keyboard of his shelf.

Fortunately, here the 3rd advantage of support:

Lying on the support shelf

Shelf lying on the support (landscape)

You can be observed on the 1st picture around the black bin, there is a white rubber band. It allows you to sleep your tablet on the media in order to write or read a book. The tilt is of + or – 35 ° which is nice to write. And as the Tablet is well maintained at the recent by the non-slip, there is no risk of the tumble!

In short, your smartphone and you essential business are no longer in danger, Standi will keep them.


(C) range cable

=> Named Clippi

range cable Clippi with 2 cables here

Range cable Clippi with 2 cables here

In my previous article, I said want to reduce nodes due to the large number of wires that clutter my desk (but probably also yours)…
And I think that these little snowman will help me. In the pack, there are 2, allowing you to store either 4 different cables, or you can place them on the journey of your cable for no longer that they become entangled with others. Personally, I set them near my block to directly access my different loading wire.
To clip a wire, nothing simpler! On the side of the Clippi is an opening and just clip your cable indoors, it is just as easy to detach. Which is really handy, you can put everywhere, because the clip is held in place with a bit of double-sided adhesive (supplied). Ideal therefore for the order on the desktop.



I have found no defects in this pack, with good quality, the design is modern, it is not bulky (otherwise it will not use to much store) and then we have to do everything for us pleasure: a small nest for our smartphone/tablet, stylus pleasant to the handle and 2 small clips for storing cables that accumulate. My rating is 18/20 because instead of the pen I have preferred the ranges extra cables :-)


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