Review/test + contest: Peritab graphic tablet-502

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 A graphic tablet, not to be confused with a touch tablet, have a very different utility: the graphics tablet is a tool for designers and graphic designers, while the touch pad is basically a giant Smartphone. Imagine a little… erase strokes without damaging your sheet or leave any traces… Copy a drawing part and paste it indefinitely effortlessly… Create effortless symmetry by simply returning a piece of image… Choose the tone and color you want… Undo a stroke without even Gummer it, with CTRL + Z, when a stroke of your drawing is bad… A graphic tablet is always paired with a stylus, so it's like a sheet and a pencil, so you can draw on a computer. By replacing the mouse with a stylus, the strokes of the drawings are much more precise, including an advantage, the management of the pressure: you press finely, you will have a fine line, you press harder, your line will magniish! And thanks to some features available according to the different models of graphic tablet, you will have the management of the tilt of your stylus, the rotation, the grip, and other parametetouchpad-mouse-tablet comparisonrs! I was fortunate to be able to test a graphic tablet, Peritab-502 of the Perrix brand. Perixx peritab-502

The Tablet

  • Working area of 146.05 mm x 228.6 mm (equals more or less one A5 sheet)
  • Pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels
  • Resolution of 4000 lines per inch (LPI)
  • 8 built-in macros keys with quick access!
  • 2 hot keys
  • Wireless pen technology without battery and with 2 buttons!
  • Support for sketching, writing, coloring, and editing images
  • Total size of 305 mm (L) x 256 mm (w) x 9 mm (H)
  • Transfer rate of 133 PPS!
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, seven, 8 and Mac OS X mountain lion


How to install the Perixx Peritab Tablet-502

Ultra-simple and classic, like a majority of devices: you put the CD, you install the driver, and finally, you connect the tablet to your computer, and hop, it's done!  

The content

Perixx-peritab-502 The box contains:

  • The Tablet
  • The stylus
  • 2 replacement tips for the stylus
  • 1 tip change pliers
  • 1 Quick user manual
  • 1 CD containing drivers, quick user manual in PDF version, free notes & Office ink software, power presenter ex, magic photo designer ex (trial version), Xara photo & graphic designer 2013 (trial version)



  •  Pentium 1.5 GHz processor, equivalent or higher
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 CD player
  • A USB port
  • A color screen
  • Windows 2000 or higher; Mac 10.4 or higher


The test:


The appearance

The Tablet is white with color at the working area, gray. From a pretty strong rectangular design, to an unwarned eye, one could believe either a fake graphic tablet or a toy… What you avoid that some do not steal from you! A blue LED indicates its proper functioning.  

The weight

The weight side, the Tablet weighs only 563 grams and the stylus 15 grams, in short not at all disturbing.  

The stylus

The first thing to say about the stylus is that this one is more practical! It should be known that there are 3 types of pens: those wired, those requiring a battery (and therefore wireless) and those requiring no battery and being wireless. The Perrix Peritab-502 stylus is part of this last category! The stylus consists of 2 buttons which can be parametered and therefore optionally be used as a mouse.  


No worries at this level, the Tablet retranscribed in "live", I have not noticed any latency.  

The sensitivity

The sensitivity is excellent, move the stylus 1 cm above the Tablet, and you will see your cursor move! And this to the default configuration, IE to average sensitivity! I even accidentally dropped the stylus a height of about 60 cm, pointing the stylus pointing downward, and no loss of sensitivity thereafter! All the strokes are perfectly applied to the drawing. Panda-pandoon  

The sensation

On the sensation side, the roughness makes it look like the feeling of a slightly worn pencil on a sheet of paper.  

The work area

Personally, the work area is almost perfect for a 15-inch computer. Although smaller, we have no worries to situate. (The work area is your entire screen). Despite having forced several resumes with the stylus on the work area, it keeps no traces and does not seem to wear out.  


The customization is quite varied: possibility to change the function of the buttons of the stylus, management of several monitors, possibility to put the stylus and the tablet in "mouse" mode, customization of the different shortcut keys by profile/ programs, etc. In short, at this level, quite complete and before starting his imagination machine, it is better to take his time to set up all this! Stylus customization   monitor customization   customizing tablet graphics keys  

The programs provided

The programs provided allow you, among other things, to write notes on your desktop, post-it, to decorate your PowerPoint presentations, to edit your photos, etc… Not really tested for my part, not having personally useful, but these works without problem and the Tablet is well recognized, moreover some software does not launch if the Tablet is not plugged in.  

Handwriting recognition

Since Windows 7, Windows contains a feature that allows it to be able to recognize handwriting and transcribe it. The recognition is not lacking with the Peritab-502 which is directly recognized, as shown in this test performed under Microsoft Word 2010:   Test Peritab 502  


An excellent tablet with a good value for money that would suit both beginners and experienced amateurs! Very reactive, light and customizable, only its design does not satisfy me, but as they say "all tastes are in nature!" You can find the tablet on Amazon: tested on Windows seven 64bits, with Adobe Photoshop CS6, Microsoft Office Word 2010 and Inkscape 0.48.   test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2    

The competition

For the contest, it's pretty simple, we will stay on the same principle as all the other contests already organized, you just have to reply by comment to this question:

What would you do with this Tablet?

I may have forgotten to mention it, but you probably suspected, the prize to be won is a copy of the Tablet Perrix Peritab-502, worth 130 euros! No geographical limit for participation, but only one participation per email address. Only the phrases in the comments will be counted, i.e. comments containing at least one subject, one verb and the answer to the question! End of the contest on 08/06/2014 at 23h59. Winners will be contacted by email after the raffle.