Test / review: backpack 35L hiking with Eceen solar charger

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1   When you go camping, take a hike of several days, where any other reason that deprives us several days of electricity, we can ask the question of how to recharge his electronic devices, whether phone, Tablet, GPS, camera, or other electronic devices. For that, we can carry spare batteries, but they also have a limit and if it takes several it becomes fast heavy in the bag, especially if you have to walk and space is limited. There is another alternative, a source of energy that available in 99% of cases, there is solar energy. So what better than a compact trekking backpack that includes a solar panel and a battery? It is for these reasons that I decided to test an Eceen brand bag that offers these features.  

Content of the box and technical characteristics

1 x 35L bag in nylon 3 x carabiners 1 x 1 x solar panel charge microUSB 1 x cable Manual of use sac solair 35 Eccen 01

  • the bag material: Nylon
  • carabiners material: metal
  • power of the solar panel: 3, 5W
  • integrated battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • outputs: MicroUSB and Nokia type 1


The test

My first surprise at the front desk of this bag is folded size and weight. It is really small and light. sac solair 35 Eccen 08 Once unfolded, and on the back it is very light and comfortable, the straps are wide and the weight is well distributed even after several hours of walking. When the door weight is therefore it is possible to attach a strap to the front at the top of the stomach to improve retention. It's a good thing and all straps are adjustable. sac solair 35 Eccen 07 A point of given capacity it offers 35 Litres which is more than enough for a day hike or even some days, however, if you want to put a sleeping bag must go on the side of the bigger models. In addition to its main compartment, it has several Pocket closed with zippers that are very convenient to organize its important business, as its paper, card, ect… The solar panel fits and attaches easily using 3 carabiners. This system is good because it allows you to store and protect the solar panel during travel, example when the bag is in a bus or aircraft hold. The Panel in him even looks like good quality and well protected by anti scratch coating and has a hard and solid base. It is folded in two to save space when storing. sac solair 35 Eccen 04 When it is installed, it does not interfere when you walk. His angle is by nature not optimal compared to the rays of the Sun but this is normal and the same for all equipment of this type. He nevertheless managed to recharge the battery of 2000mAh which is integrated under the Panel. During your breaks, you can place the bag in the face of the Sun for accelerated charging the battery during this lapse of time. Before a start, this battery can also be recharged via a USB charger or his computer with the Nokia type 1 type plug that is included. The microUSB plug is for the load. This is not specified, but I tried to charge two devices at the same time, one with microUSB Plug and one with Nokia type 1 at the same time taking. And as you can see from the picture, the two load lights. sac solair 35 Eccen 05 However expect to what it recharges slower, because electrical power is divided in two. If you load an electronic equipment such as a smartphone, prefer to place it in one of the pockets out of the Sun during the charge. sac solair 35 Eccen 06  


It is a good bag with a good value for money, it is both very light and resistant and very compact when it is empty. Solar Panel does not have enough power for large aircraft but it is very convenient for the electronic small have can take on a hike, such as Smartphone, GPS, camera etc…   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B014ORNOEI/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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