Test / review: solar external 12000mAh battery, 2 USB ports, Aukey PB – P8


Don't they say not that there is no small economies? It is quite logical, economies, it always starts small.

We consume a lot of electric energy, also when a power failure occurs, it is almost lost… more light, more pc, more Internet, more tv, more electric griddle, more fridge/freezer, radio, etc…

Personally, I use high capacity external batteries to recharge my electrical devices like my smartphone, headset, mouse, etc… These external batteries, I refill them at night or on the weekends, the cost of electricity is cheaper. Basically, I store this electricity cheaper for use in day, but also on the go!

I admit that I haven't started to calculate the gain that can actually bring this method (or if there will really gain or loss), because there is the price of the external battery + returns involved. But since I use it on the go, it's very useful! And might as well use the cheaper electricity!

But there are still way to save more with external batteries: using external batteries with integrated solar panels!

The big benefits of course being to know recharge in the daylight streaming without cost, or without using cable!

Is one of these batteries, the battery of Aukey, the PB – P8, of 12000mAh, with 2 USB ports.




  • 12 000 mAh capacity
  • External laptop battery
  • 2 output USB ports: 1 has and 2.4 A
  • Integrated solar panels
  • LED charge indicator
  • LED lamp


The test

The first thing to know is that it is an external battery rechargeable in 2 ways: via micro-USB and solar.

12 000 mAh capacity, it is quite large fill several times the battery of your smartphone and/or Tablet several times without worries.

Part adventurer, it is by appearance, unfortunately! The battery itself is covered with an anti-slip substance. Caches that are supposed to protect the USB ports are too thin and do not well: ilsne protect not water. Protection against dust, okay, against shock, I have my doubts.

The LED lamp is completely out, so suddenly on the edge or is the lamp LED might make it unusable.


Regarding the capacity of the battery, nothing to say, the 12 000 mAh are more than enough to reload several times. You have 2 USB ports to charge 2 devices at the same time.

The big problem lies at the level of the solar panels, from my point of view… When you unpack the battery, we're somewhat surprised by the design: here we to atend to a break at the design level and see integrated solar panels, it is surprising to find or they are located! They are of course located on the upper side, but they are covered with an opaque black plastic… It's just if we see the solar panels. Then level design, this is the top, but level efficiency… It is catastrophic! So much so that I asked myself if the part covering the solar panels were not a protection and that he had to remove it… but no, it's actually part of the battery.


I already tested various solar panels, either big or small… All those I tested were able to get a little energy even in overcast or light to a room. Gold for this battery, this is not the case! It takes really good sunlight or strong light. It's a shame!



A portable external battery of high capacity, like this one at 12 000 mAh, it is still useful today to recharge without breaking the head too. In addition, 2 USB ports are present in order to charge 2 devices at the same time, an LED light to be able to see in the dark and 4 mini LED that indicates the battery charge rate.

Unfortunately, this battery has 2 black points: appearance adventurer, it is not, the LED lamp is naked, and caches of the USB ports are too thin and too soft. And solar panels are inefficient, need you very good sunlight to recharge your battery. The idea is good to be able to insert solar panels to charge in case of emergency, but I think that having a black protective plastic to not spoil the design has ruined the effectiveness and so it becomes harder to recharge the battery via the Sun.


Link: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01B5TMMDW/


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