Test / review: electric converter / inverter 12V-230V 150W, Aukey PA – V25

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 In a car, you have at least one or more sockets USB, and a cigarette lighter (tte) plug. In short, not much on the side of power supply… The USB plug is already not bad, especially for smartphones. Cigarette lighter (tte) is actually a special plug in 12V. You can easily replace the cigarette lighter by another outlet, not ill of anyone know! The most common replacement, are taken that gives you one or more USB port, useful on cars with no free uSB port for you. But there is another kind of decision-making, less well-known, and yet much more interesting: jacks with electrical converter / inverter! Basically, you turn the 12V (DC) in 220-230V (AC). So very interesting for any small device that has a power outlet! Imagine that you are driving and you need your computer, but your laptop has no battery… The power converter will help you out! Going on a road trip? Large family each with a smartphone/Tablet + gps and other console? The mains plug of the inverter will allow you to plug a power strip if necessary, and hop, the worries is set and no need to argue about that recharges in 1! An electric frigobox? No worries! Want to vacuum your car, but without any extension to your House? No worries! Etc…   That's basically what allows to make an electric converter 12V – 220 – 230V, as the PA Aukey – V25. aukey-pa-v25


  • Input: DC 12V
  • AC output: AC 230V 150W
  • USB output: DC 5V 2.1 A
  • Size: 5.71 "x 2.56" x 2.32 "(14.5 * 6.5 * 5.9 cm)
  • Switch ON / OFF
  • Fuse 40A
  • Built-in cooling fans


The test

The first thing to talk about, it's a feature advertised on the form of the product, or in the operating instructions, in short anywhere, and yet very useful and interesting: it supports all sectors taken! Whether European (and so french/Belgian to 2 or 3 stems), English, American or even Australian! It's a big advantage! I don't even understand why they did not tell… After that, don't forget that even if it is the universal, take into account taukey-taking-internationalhe voltages! Regarding the size, it's barely bigger than a can of soda! And its shape fits perfectly in a location dedicated to the cans! Another good psize-cup-holer-aukeyoint! Fully metalized, he exudes confidence. A button ON / OFF is present, a USB plug and the wall socket universal also. Under the converter is a fan to cool my stuff. Only problem, it was that the fan is located below, which means that if it is placed in a cradle for can, the fan doesn't have access up to fresh air. Nevertheless a few millimeters is thanks to booster seats not to mention the fact that there is presence of 4 notches, which adds to the air supply. fan-alternator-converter The 150W of power can bring a lot of things: a charger 6 USB ports with a total of 15.6 A (like this one, also of Aukey brand) takes 60W… In terms of USB port, if you want, so you can have… 13. And 13 (6 * 2 + 1) USB ports that deliver all minimum 2A! The power adaptors for laptops, you can find from 33 to 120W in general. You have more fat, but hey… the vast majority will be limited to 120W. Cup-holder-power-inverter Regarding the car battery, Aukey advises to use the converter when the car rolls, but noted that for small consumption, it can be used without worries while the car is running.  I unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to see its effect on it, missing tools currently.  


A great useful converter with its socket that fits all outlets in the world, and the switch ON / OFF. The USB port is very appreciated in the case where one would need to reload its smartphone without taking the place of the outlet! 150W are largely sufficient for many varied uses. There are more powerful converters, but the impact on the car battery may be stronger, not to mention the size of the converter and the heat that it will release! Anyway, I think the 150W is a balance between daily/occasional use + size of the converter + impact on battery of the car and ventilation of the converter. The size is also ideal.   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01GQ62MCK/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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